5 tips to be a more Zen parent (a real challenge!)

Close your eyes and make a wish: you would like to have a smile 24 hours a day (even while sleeping …), no longer get upset, enjoy the present moment … To be zen, in short. Are there any magic recipes? We found five ingredients. It’s your turn !

I assume I’m not perfect

We start by avoiding parents who love to tell us when they leave school that no, they are never tired. That yes, being a parent is a vocation and that no, they never raise the tone. Guilty speeches that feed our feeling of mismanaging things. The reality is that the perfect parent does not exist. And once we understand that, we lose a hundred pounds of stress. Because the toughest person, the one who asks us to be on top and does not allow us to make mistakes, is us. We lack indulgence. So if we are a minute late in judo and tonight is a meal prepared at the table, it’s not the end of the world.

I catch my breath (even three minutes)

We often believe that taking time for yourself requires a bit of organization and long hours in front of you. The good news is, it can be done in five minutes. It’s very pleasant and it allows you to continue your day well. Example: we go to look for bread, we have five hundred meters to go, we take the opportunity to look at the clouds (pretty, as long as it doesn’t rain!). We give ourselves a bath instead of a shower from time to time. You can also take a gourmet break and enjoy a chocolate bar. In short, if we add up all the little moments like this, it’s quickly an hour of letting go. Beneficial.

I delegate

Our days go hand in hand with: anticipation, organization, to-do list… We are constantly in control. Our head is close to the explosion but nature is well made, it is always on our shoulders. We will therefore use it differently: by thinking about the tasks to be delegated. The children can set the table, our companion can put them to bed and the local supermarket can deliver the weekly groceries to us. It’s good, all these people who support us. And that doesn’t mean things are going to turn out badly: we trust, and we keep a watchful eye if that reassures us. However, once you dare, you quickly get a taste for it. Even the postman figured out that he could take the mail to the garden for us.

And it is also without shame that one can delegate the custody of his children. No, we are not a bad parent either. Just a normal parent who will come back even more to the top afterwards. For this, we call on the family or reliable and trusted professionals. Many service companies offer to hire child care at home. The criteria are very selective, you are sure not to have any unpleasant surprises. So for a few hours a day or a week, get help. Sure, you won’t regret it.

I define rules of life

Defining rules of life does not mean becoming rigid and authoritarian, on the contrary! For example, regarding meals, we can decide that each day of the week, it’s everyone’s turn to choose the menus (we meet on weekends for that) and to set the table. Bedtime is also set. And why not, a calendar on the wall where we write down everyone’s activities, Saturday outings… Because the rules also rhyme with small joys! When the organization of the house is well established and everyone knows their role and respects it, the atmosphere is good! A way for us to breathe. On the one hand, we simplify our lives, we accept the unexpected better, on the other hand, we share pleasant moments in joy and good humor!

I enjoy my family life and its little imperfections

We cannot repeat it enough, no family is perfect! So yes, in your wildest dreams, you imagined a peaceful family life where your children listen to you, where your partner invests as much as you do in daily tasks, where you manage to keep your calm at work … In reality, your children are far from being exemplary, you sometimes get angry with them or get angry with your other half. So what ? Your family life is imperfect, but that doesn’t make you an unworthy parent! One watchword: let go and enjoy your little tribe! We take a good breath and we take advantage of the present moment. And above all, try to see all the positive things in your daily life, this will allow you to better enjoy your little family that you adore so much!

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