5-Year-Old Boy Teased For Wearing Nail Polish, Mom Reacts

On social media, a mum shared the hateful comments her 5-year-old son received for wearing nail polish. Following this, she reacted in the most beautiful way!

Non-gendered education often comes up against sexist comments and behavior, especially on social networks. More and more parents are turning to this progressive educational model where all toys are offered to children, it doesn’t matter if they are blue or pink, intended for girls or boys. But like any novelty, gender-neutral education has its share of detractors… The whole being, not to yield under the pressure!

Kyla, a Canadian mother who shares her daily life as an air hostess on social networks has been confronted with a wave of hatred. It was not her the subject but rather her son, Mylo, 5 years old… Indeed, on one of his videos we can see that the little boy has varnish on his nails. This is what outraged Internet users, but there was no question for the mother to let this pass. On June 9, 2023, she therefore posted a new video on her Instagram account. @wanderlustkyla where she responds to hateful comments and it has been viewed over 4 million times!

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The video goes around social networks and affects Internet users

On the first part of the video, we can read “I posted this cute video of my son a while ago. You can see he was wearing nail polish. I hadn’t thought of any of this…until I received comments like this!” In the background, we can see the little boy having fun but on the second part of the video Kyla shows the comments she received: “If it’s a boy, why is he wearing nail polish?” or “Please do not put polish on your child. You want to educate a boy who will become a proud man.” She goes on to write “So I stopped doing his nails… And took him to a professional salon to get him the nails he deserves!” On the video, we see little Mylo, very happy to choose the color he will put on his nails, dark blue with pretty glitter! The mother concludes the video with a strong sentence: “Let’s encourage and celebrate the uniqueness of our children!” A nice benevolent message for all the parents of the world accompanied by Mylo who proudly shows his colored nails.

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