500 euros fine because a Swiss tourist left an Italian behind the wheel

Gabriella Bazzucchi (55) has been spending her summer holidays in her Italian husband’s homeland for many years. At the end of July, the kindergarten teacher from Horgen ZH will travel to Umbria again for three weeks. But the joy doesn’t last long. Since the weekend, relaxation and holiday fun have evaporated in one fell swoop.

“I went to a hardware store with my Italian sister-in-law,” says Gabriella Bazzucchi. “I kinked my left foot.” It won’t be the only mishap. On the contrary. The real anger is only now taking its course. The ankle is sprained and painful. The Zurich woman cannot step on a pedal. She asks her sister-in-law Lisabella Bazzucchi (54) to get behind the wheel of her Nissan and drive the approximately 60 kilometers home.