500 euros subsidy for tenants: Berlin launches subsidy program for solar systems

500 euros subsidy for tenants
Berlin launches funding program for solar systems

In order to achieve the planned solar power share of 25 percent, the capital is launching a new subsidy program: from today, Berlin tenants can apply for a subsidy of 500 euros for a balcony solar system. The tenants’ association welcomes the initiative, but also sees problems.

As of today, tenants in Berlin can apply for a subsidy of 500 euros from the Senate for a mini solar system on their balcony. Economics Senator Stephan Schwarz expects 14,000 applications. The state of Berlin is providing seven million euros for the funding program. Berlin wants to achieve a solar power share of 25 percent, explained Schwarz. “That’s why we’re driving the solar turnaround together with the tenants in Berlin.”

The electricity produced with the plug-in solar device on the balcony should flow into the tenants’ own power circuit and thus reduce the energy costs of the tenants. The Economics Senator emphasized that the first step is to obtain the consent of the landlord or landlord. The mini solar system must be connected to a suitable circuit – the owner of the apartment or a specialist electrician can provide information on this.

The Berlin Tenants’ Association expects a “big run” on the subsidy. Since the funding amount is “not exactly ample”, he believes that the funds should already be exhausted in the next few weeks. Managing Director Sebastian Bartels also complained that landlords can block the installation. “Long tugging for approval is inevitable.” The tenants’ association called for housing companies to inform the tenants, without being asked, how such systems are set up or assembled. Tenants make up around 83 percent of the city’s population – so they should be “taken along” on the way to “Solar City”.

The funding program is part of the state government’s Solarplus program. According to the Senate, it will amount to 23.7 million euros in 2023. Solar systems on detached and semi-detached houses, multi-family houses and commercial properties are also subsidised.

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