52 years old, 20 action films and an impressive physique! When will we see this muscular star again in the cinema?

Aged 52, Mark Wahlberg continues to multiply his projects! We take stock of the future films of this very physical actor specializing in action.

Will Mark Wahlberg be back in theaters soon? We haven’t seen the actor on the big screen since February 2022 and the release of Uncharted. After this video game adaptation, the actor returned to the Apple TV+ platform with the comedy The Family Plan.

Marky Mark is back!

Before finding him in theaters, the 52-year-old actor will return on May 24 on Prime Video with Arthur the King. Wahlberg will play the captain of a Swedish adventure racing team.

The latter encounters an injured stray dog ​​through the Ecuadorian jungle. He manages to coax it and the animal begins to follow him across the most difficult terrain on the planet. The man wants to bring his new partner back to Sweden. Wahlberg will also work with Prime Video on the new work of Shane Black (The Nice Guys): Play Dirty.

The artist will then make a new foray into Netflix with the action film The Union. He will play Mike, a construction worker from New Jersey; with a pragmatic boy, he finds himself immersed in the world of spies when his ex-girlfriend from high school, Roxanne, hires him for a high-risk mission… for the American secret services.

Mark and Mel, first!

After that, the actor will offer us Flight Risk, new film by Mel Gibson. Already shot, the work is currently in post-production. This thriller will tell the story of a pilot transporting a dangerous criminal for his trial. This project is intended for the cinema and does not yet have a release date.

Mark Wahlberg is also still attached to the big screen adaptation of The 3 Billion Man series. In the pipeline for more than 5 years, the film is currently in pre-production under the direction of Travis Knight.

Furthermore, the actor recently confirmed that he will reprise his role of Sully in Uncharted 2, a sequel to the adventure saga with Tom Holland. With a budget of 120 million dollars, Uncharted grossed 407 million internationally upon its release in February 2022 in the post-Covid period and brought 2.5 million spectators to French theaters.

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