5G will have more than a billion subscribers before the end of 2022

A report published by Ericsson states that the number of 5G subscribers worldwide is expected to pass the one billion mark by the end of the year.

Ericsson has just published its annual report on telecommunications technologies. The Swedish multinational thus announces that it is official, 5G is the fastest adopted mobile communication standard. According to analysts, it is now offered by 228 providers around the world, and more than 700 5G smartphones have been or will be launched soon.

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According to them, the number of users of this communication technology should pass the symbolic threshold of one billion by the end of the year. The other shock figure in the report is the announcement of the doubling of global mobile network data traffic every two years : a statistic that is destined to increase further, as dematerialized services and the Cloud have become the norm.

The number of 5G subscribers is expected to exceed 5 billion by 2028

For the Swedish company, 5G is therefore meeting with growing success. She predicts that the number of such subscriptions will reach 5 billion by 2028. She also points out that the coverage of the network is very variable depending on the country and the context. While Arcep data indicates that the number of 5G users in France is increasing by 10 to 15% each year, France, with its 3 million 5G subscribers, can be considered to be lagging behind. level of deployment of this technology. Moreover, the download speed observed on the French network is not dazzling either. So much so that we are not even in the countries tested by Ookla in terms of 5 G speed.

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This poor ranking is probably due to the distrust of the Gallic people with regard to this new technology. Although the authorities claim that 5G does not present any risk, more and more voices are being raised to denounce the consequences on the environment and health of 5G.

Source: Ericsson

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