6.1% of resorts in difficulty, 24% in Île-de-France

FIG DATA – Several refineries and depots are blocked to protest against the pension reform.

Are the queues in front of petrol stations back? Five months after the strikes in the French refineries, a new social conflict disrupts the supply at the pump. In question: the paralysis of these same refineries by the CGT-Chemistry to oppose the pension reform. In recent days, blockages have intensified in these production sites as in some of the 200 depots in France.

According to calculations made by Figure Data from public data, 6.1% of service stations in the country did not have, this Friday at 1 p.m., either gasoline (SP98, SP95, E10) or diesel. In all, 18 departments identify at least 10% of stations in total or partial rupture.

Like last October, the difficulties vary greatly depending on your department. For several days, the Paris region has been the most affected area with nearly a quarter of stations declaring a break. In the Val-de-Marne, half are in partial (39.8%) or total (9.6%) rupture. Same thing in the capital, where 32.7% of pump attendants report shortages. An almost similar figure in the Hauts-de-Seine (38.5%). Indre is also affected with 22.4% of pumps with little or no supply.

Loire-Atlantique, the territory most affected in the previous weeks, currently has 12.2% of its stations “in trouble“. In the Bouches-du-Rhône, 9.6% of the pumps remain out of order. Both the southwest and the northeast quarter appear relatively spared.

Regarding Île-de-France, the oil group Esso-ExxonMobil announced on Tuesday the restart of production at its refinery in Port-Jérôme-Gravenchon, which had been shut down on March 25 for lack of crude oil at refine because of the strike at the oil terminal in Le Havre against the pension reform.

In the same vein, the neighboring refinery of the TotalEnergies group, in Gonfreville-L’Orcher, the largest in France, has been the subject of employee requisitions by the government and has been shipping fuel to the Island since Monday morning. -of France. The administrative court of Rouen, however, ordered in summary proceedings the suspension from Thursday 12:30 p.m. of the order for the requisition of strikers. A bad omen therefore for this long Easter weekend, especially as other refineries remain affected by technical problems or maintenance operations.

The SP98 returns above two euros

On the price side, the refinery blocking movement caused a slight jump. Gasoline thus rose by two cents this week, with the liter of SP98 now stabilizing above two euros. It is however ten cents more than at the beginning of the year, under the effect of the end of the rebates granted by the government and by TotalEnergies. Diesel cost an average of €1.83 per liter on Wednesday, down slightly.

Faced with this increase, TotalEnergies will expand “momentarilyFrom Friday its price cap measure at 1.99 euros per liter for all fuels (SP95, SP98, diesel, Excellium), the group announced in a press release on Thursday.

The price freeze measure initiated in March therefore also applies to the Excellium product range (SP98 and Diesel Excellium) until the stations no longer experience supply difficulties.“, continues the press release.

Methodology : For the national or regional figures, we used the public data available on prix-carburants.gouv.fr (annual files), which centralizes the declarative data of service stations. Only service stations in mainland France that sell more than 500m are taken into account.3 of petroleum products per year, excluding E85 and LPG, which are much less used.

We considered that a station usually distributes a fuel if it declares at least one shortage or a price variation in 2023 for this fuel. Like the Ministry of Energy Transition, we have considered that a place of supply is not out of gasoline if it is still powered by at least one of the three types of this fuel: SP98, SP95 and E10.

A station is considered in trouble ” whether :

  • It is in total rupture at 1 p.m. on all of its fuels distributed (gasoline or diesel).
  • It is partially out of service at 1 p.m. – either of gasoline or diesel – when it usually distributes both.

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