6.7 million views worldwide: this film with Inès Reg is a hit on Netflix

Diva and Chichi rule the roost on Netflix: “Dog and Cat”, the half-animated, half-live action feature film by Reem Kherici, ranks at the top of the most viewed non-English-language films in the world!

Released in theaters on February 14, the half-animated comedy by and with Reem Kherici, but also Franck Dubosc and Philippe Lacheau – without forgetting the voices of actors Inès Reg and Artus – is now breaking records on Netflix, and at ‘international please!

At the box office, Dog and Cat had accumulated 1,098,400 admissions during its six weeks on display in French cinemas. The film is now getting a second wind on Netflix where it accumulated, between Monday March 18 and Sunday March 24, 2024, no less than 6.7 million complete views according to Le Film Français, thus becoming the most non-English-speaking feature film seen this week around the world!

Dog and cat thus ranks behind films like Irish Wish (25.5 million views) with Lindsay Lohan, which remains in the lead in France, and The Lady and the Dragon (19.5 million views) with Millie Bobby Brown. However, it beats other films of the moment such as the Turkish romantic thriller The Heart in Flight (6.6 million views), the Indian action film about aerial combat with Deepika Padukone, Fighter (5.9 million views) , Sniper Shooter (5.6 million views), the 2007 crime film by Antoine Fuqua with Mark Wahlberg, or Le Mans 66 (4.4 million views), the acclaimed 2019 James Mangold biopic , worn by Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Dog and cat is also particularly popular in America, whether in the north, south or center: in fact, the comedy ranks in the top 10 of 22 countries in the region including the United States and many American territories Central and South America. On the European side, it also achieved this ranking in Spain.

Dog and cat tells the story of Diva, famous cat star of social networks, and Chichi, street dog. When the two pets lose their respective owners, a crazy adventure begins between Montreal and New York, with on one side the humans who have lost track of their two little furry friends and on the other, Diva and Chichi, left to their own devices, trying at all costs to find their masters…

Dog and Cat is therefore available to watch in streaming on Netflix!

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