6 anti-wrinkle exercises to try at home

The facial gym, you know? To effectively fight against wrinkles, you can indulge in exercises that mobilize the muscles of the face.

You sure don’t know it, but your face counts more than 50 muscles ! Among them, some are more stimulated and remain contracted even at rest. Ultimately, they are responsible for the formation of expression lines. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the effects of time. To control these effects, use perfectly targeted, moisturizing, nourishing, plumping treatments daily, which will allow you to regain younger, radiant skin.

You can also combine these treatments with the practice of facial gymnastics (or facial gymnastics), in order to strengthen their action. A technique 100% natural, which will help you plump up your face. On the program: targeted exercises for each area, resulting in restructured skin, firmer muscles and better blood circulation.

​Professional coach, Martine de Richevilleremodeling specialist, gives you his favorite exercises for a toned facial gym!

Zone n°1: the forehead

Objective : prevent wrinkles from setting in by mobilizing the frontal musculature.
Exercise : release the head well from the neck, lower your shoulders, raise your forehead to the hair, as if raising your eyebrows. Do this 10 times in a row vigorously.

Zone n°2: the neck

Objective : fight against sagging neck.
Exercise : raise your chin to the sky, and advance your jaw. Instantly, you will feel the existing tensions under the chin. Hold the position for 5 seconds, and do the exercise 10 times.

Zone n°3: the jowls

Objective : mobilize the lowering muscles of the angle of the mouth to give new features to the oval of the chin.
Exercise : lower the ends of your mouth and pout, do not hesitate to force the gesture. The latter is okay if you feel tension from the chin to the nose. Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

Zone n°4: the upper lip

Objective : mobilize the levator muscles of the angle of the mouth to fight against the “sad mouth” effect.
Exercise : close your mouth, and smile as much as possible, while keeping your lips against your teeth. Execute the gesture for 5 seconds, then stop. You should then feel a tension at the end of the lips. Do this 10 times.

Zone n°5: the lower lip

Objective : mobilize the depressor muscles of the lower lip. This will have a beneficial effect on the muscles of the lower face, and will plump up the lip.
Exercise : close your jaw, and lower your lower lip. The gesture is correct if you see the lower row of teeth, and perceive tension at the angles of the chin. Hold the exercise for 5 seconds, and repeat it 10 times.

Zone n°6: the eyes

Objective : drain the lower eyelid to firm the eye contour
Exercise : place the index fingers in the inner corner of the eye and redraw the eyebrow line in a strong way. Go back down the lower eyelid, applying light circular pressure. To be reproduced 10 times.

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