6 fire brigades on site – major fire in apartment building in Neusiedl am See

Shortly after 4.30 p.m. the Neusiedl am See fire brigade was called to a garbage room fire in Neusiedl. After the first investigation, the head of operations alerted the entire Section I of the district, i.e. the weidenings from Weiden am See, Winden am See, Jois, Kaisersteinbruch and Bruckneudorf.

On the way there, the operations manager was informed by the LSZ that not only a garbage room was burning, as initially reported, but also two apartments or possibly the entire multi-party house. As the comrades saw during the investigation, the fire had broken out spread out from the garbage room. The flames broke through the already broken windows into the apartment above. The stairwell next to it was smoky. People in the building According to the police, there were still tenants in the apartments not directly affected by the fire. Those who are at home in the affected apartments were able to escape outside in good time. From the back of the building you could see that the flames from the garbage room hit the facade and into the apartment on the second floor and the eaves. The fire fighting vehicle crew put out the fire in the garbage room under heavy breathing protection, immediately afterwards the troop moved over the smoky stairwell to the apartments . The mission was divided into two areas. The fire fighting vehicle continued to take over the front, the fire fighting vehicle with the telescopic mast platform took over the rear. The Weiden am See fire brigade provided another respiratory protection team and built up the water supply. Little by little, more forces arrived at the scene and sent their respiratory protection teams to the ATS assembly point that had already been set up, where they were assigned to the next steps. At 5:47 p.m. “fire off” could be given. A total of 104 firefighters were on duty with 20 vehicles. Also present were the police with 8 people, the Red Cross with 6 people, Energie Burgenland with 1 person and the district fire brigade commander.
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