6 innovative actions to reduce road fatalities

For years, Allianz France has been multiplying innovative, educational and fun actions to make its policyholders and the general public aware of the dangers of mobility. On its own initiative or in partnership with the Prévention Routière association, on two or four wheels, focus on some of the most remarkable initiatives.

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Allianz Prévention Tour: workshops to understand the risks associated with travel

Launched in 2016, this traveling event dedicated to road safety, travels across France to educate the general public about road risks.

More than 20,000 people of all ages have already experienced the workshops, which present in a fun and educational way the right actions to apply on the road, and the consequences of dangerous behavior. If the rollover car, which simulates the overturning of the vehicle, is always a great success, other experiences are just as popular. For example the reflex tester, which explains the braking distance as a function of reaction time and speed, or the alcohol course, which shows, in particular thanks to filter glasses, how alcohol changes our perception of the environment.

Professional pilots also take visitors aboard vehicles whose grip has been greatly reduced, to make them aware of the risks associated with winter driving on wet or icy roads. Finally, the Allianz Prévention Tour also offers workshops devoted to Personal Motorized Displacement Vehicles (EDM), New Individual Electric Vehicles (NVEI) and in particular scooters, which are experiencing rapid growth in cities.

Bock & Co: the game that raises awareness of the dangers of alcohol

Designed with the Prévention Routière association, a partner of Allianz France since 2005, Bock & Co aims to make drivers aware of alcohol-related road risks. This serious game is aimed at both company employees and high school students. Led by volunteers from the association, it brings together for an hour up to 12 people divided into two teams, who will have to solve puzzles raised in a short film featuring 5 work colleagues sharing an aperitif.

Sense of observation, strategy, but also manipulation of the members of the opposing team are intended to better understand the consequences of behaviors that are familiar to us. The participants’ proposals are submitted for the approval of Professor Bock, an eccentric scientist who, through short video sequences, delivers his messages of prevention, far from any moralizing discourse.

Test your code, the quiz

You’ve had your license for five, ten or thirty years. If you had to retake the Highway Traffic Act today, would you pass the exam? 50% of regular drivers admit having doubts about the meaning of road signs, but 90% do not review it regularly, according to a survey by the Prévention Routière association. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Highway Code on May 27, 2021, Allianz France has enabled its customers to review the Highway Code in a fun way through a quiz.

The 360 ​​° video to get around on a scooter

An immersion in an electric scooter, as if you were in control, what do you think? Nothing could be simpler, thanks to the video produced by Allianz and the Prévention Routière association, accessible via the association’s YouTube page. This two-minute sequence, filmed using 360 ° cameras, places you on the scooter of a city-dweller confronted with road hazards. During the video, just click and drag the mouse to orient the view in all directions, just as you would on the move, to monitor the surroundings. As you progress, warning messages and advice appear on the screen, reminding you of the rules to follow, or pointing out dangers, such as blind spots in trucks. To watch without moderation ! The video can also be viewed with virtual reality headsets.

WeNow: the box to become the perfect eco-driver

Since five years, Allianz France supports innovative Startups via an intensive 5-month acceleration program. Start-ups take advantage of the insurer’s immense network of experts and investors, both to gain experience and knowledge, and to raise the funds necessary for their development. More than 50 start-ups have already benefited from this program, and in particular the company WeNow, which supports companies in the low-carbon transition.

The young shoot has developed the WeNowBox, a connected box intended for motorists, which measures fuel wastage, consumption and CO2 emissions, while training them in a fun way to good safety practices and eco-driving. The subscription costs 30 euros per year, and allows WeNow in particular to neutralize vehicle emissions, via various compensations (tree plantations, wind turbines, energy renovation program, etc.). And above all, these 30 euros are reimbursed very quickly, thanks to the fuel savings generated by eco-driving!

Bumpair: the air helmet that slips into the pocket

Self-service electric bicycles and scooters are experiencing a tremendous popularity. They are now thousands to circulate in the big French cities, acclaimed for their availability as much as for their convenience of employment. Only downside, if the helmet is (very) strongly recommended, it is not supplied with the bike or the scooter. But that may soon change.

The Bumpair air helmet has been designed to always have it with you in the case of self-service rental, but it will also appeal to users of personal bikes and scooters. Its strengths are numerous. It is extremely compact when folded, weighs less than 100 grams and thanks to its patented technology offers eight times the protection of a conventional helmet. Seduced by this innovation, Allianz France brought its support to the Bumpair company by offering a helmet test device, allowing the analysis of the results and the improvement of the concept. In addition, Allianz France employees volunteered to contribute research and development by testing the device.

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