6 things that self-confident people never do when arguing


Fear of conflict? No wonder! After all, even a small quarrel can cause a great deal of damage – at least if one of the parties does the following things …

Whether in relationships, a friendship, in the family, at work or on the road – sometimes there is no way around arguing with other people. After all, different views and interests collide in the living together and it is almost the  duty and duty of each individual to stand up for their own concerns . If there are still strong emotions in the game, you just do not argue with a polite smile on your face.

However, there are also limits to the dispute that we should not exceed . Otherwise, wounds can develop, which do not heal so fast and which make us feel shaken afterwards: That was not really worth it to me, a short break. In addition, especially we are behind there stupid.

The good: Who generally has a healthy self-confidence and can understand their own feelings , these limits will never exceed (must), because it can be z. B. put in the other person and does not feel so quickly threatened and attacked.

6 things that self-confident people never do when arguing

1. Generalize

“You just can not talk to you!”, “You’re always thinking of yourself!”, “It’s the same every time!” – Please do not! A dispute is the worst possible opportunity to make general announcements to another person . After all, we are often very upset and tend to be emotionally stained and different from others. Self-confident, emotionally intelligent people know this and therefore refer to a dispute on the concrete conflict and the feelings it has triggered in them.

2. Purposefully hurt

Others in the conflict where it hurts them the most, and consciously exploit their weaknesses – is bad and unfair! In general, this is also a sign that you feel cornered and threatened and can not help yourself with fair means. Self-confident people do not need this.

3. Leave the other in the middle of a fight

It can make sense to break off a quarrel, because you simply just can not get ahead. But that can and should be communicated accordingly! Just leaving and leaving the other person alone with their feelings and the unresolved conflict is cowardly, a sign of excessive demands and would be out of the question for a self-confident person.

4. Reheating past conflicts

When a dispute suddenly draw parallels to a conflict in the past? Classic! And almost always an indication that the old conflict was never really clarified, at least for one of the people involved. Self-confident people do not usually do that.

5. Become palpable

Anyone who loses control, physically attacks others, or scares them with their aggressive body language definitely has a problem – and usually anything but healthy self-esteem …

6. Make the victory over the thing

The main thing to prevail in the end and be right? For that, we would not have to deal with others first. A dispute should be about exchanging views in order to resolve a conflict or find a compromise, not winning. Admittedly, for people with low self-esteem, such a hassle and, in the end, getting the right course is a great way to hide their shortcomings. But building it stable, sustainable and independent is different …