6 things we all forget to recycle in our kitchen: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

There is a lot of waste in the kitchen. Between food packaging, the amount of food wasted due to poor inventory management and leftovers, it is not always easy to limit your impact on the environment … But thanks to our good advice, learn how to recycle these 6 essentials of your kitchen to do good for the planet.

What to do with the cooking water of the eggs and vegetables?

Did you know that it was possible to reuse the water used to cook your eggs or even your vegetables? Indeed, they contain plenty of minerals and nutrients that are perfect for your plants, both outdoors and indoors. We therefore advise you to store the cooking water well and pour it into your favorite plants to give them a new radiance!

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How to recycle aluminum coffee capsules?

For several years now, it has been possible to recycle coffee capsules in the yellow bins of many municipalities in France. Thanks to them, companies bring bikes to life, build car engines or even produce new cans!

Eggshells: why you shouldn’t throw them away

Eggs are a staple of our kitchens. But did you know that its shell can be very useful? It makes an excellent natural fertilizer for plants and even helps make dishes shine!

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Our advice for reusing coffee grounds

If you consume coffee regularly, you must be wondering what to do with the coffee grounds that accumulate … Don’t throw them in the trash again! There are plenty of ways to reuse it at home but also in the garden. Indeed, coffee grounds are used to unclog sinks, deodorize the refrigerator, degrease pans and it even serves as a natural fertilizer for green plants!

Tea bags: our ideas for recycling them

Tea lovers also experience this dilemma after brewing their favorite drink: what to do with a used tea bag? Know that you can recycle them by using them in particular to polish a mirror or even to treat a broken nail!

Our amazing tips with citrus peels

Finally, if you are not used to or have the ability to compost your peelings and other food waste, you can reuse them easily. There are indeed many anti-waste recipes for consuming carrot or radish tops, fruit skins or even leek rootlets … But what to do with citrus peels? Offers you our best tips, nothing for you: for example, you can use them to prevent sugar from crystallizing, eliminate tobacco odors by placing them in your candles or on radiators in winter or even make natural cleaning products. and delicately scented with citrus scents!

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