6 things you can put in the dishwasher besides dishes

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6 things that can be put in the dishwasher besides dishes

Plastic toys can also be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


The dishwasher is an ingenious invention – also because it can do so much more than just wash the dishes. In the video we show you the most practical items that you can also wash in the dishwasher.

So much cleaning and so little time (or desire?)! Fortunately, there are some practical household appliances that can make our housework a lot easier, such as the dishwasher – and it can do a lot more than just wash our dishes! Because unlike the washing machine, it cleans its contents much more gently and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. In the video, we show you which everyday objects you can safely clean in the dishwasher and what you should pay attention to.

Source used: RTL.de


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