6 tips for afterwards, which make your sex life (still) better


As the saying goes: After sex is before sex – or something like that … In any case, we can still do a lot after the sexual intercourse to increase the anticipation for the next time

During sex, each person has their own needs and preferences – and after that. Some give themselves high five, others smoke a cigarette (in my opinion extremely unsexy), others turn away from each other and sleep and some write a diary (yes, comes before!).

If you want to do yourself and the sex partner a favor, should incorporate in the after-sex routine but best also the following six things – because they can improve our sex life in part significantly.

1. Off to the bathroom

Even if we do not really feel we have to: After having sex, we should pee and then in the genital area (with water or intimate hygiene) wash. This rinses out possible germs and pathogens that we often catch during sexual intercourse and can cause diseases such as cystitis. And who wants to swallow antibiotics and in the worst case have to suspend for weeks …

2. Cuddle

Not a must at a one night stand, but once we’ve slept with our sweetheart, we can use the situation wonderfully, and then deepen our bond – just by cuddling a bit more. During sex, our body increasingly produces the “love hormone” oxytocin and this gives us a sense of intimacy. When we use this mood to create beautiful, intimate moments with our partner, we collect emotionally positive experiences in twos that connect us even more.

3. Drink

Should one generally after sports. ? A large glass of water balances the fluid loss that is usually associated with sex, and helps keep us watered and cleansing our body. A small snack may also like to be – after all, we have just done a lot! 

4. Clean, comfortable underwear

Experts recommend that you wear clean and comfortable cotton underwear after sex, as our genital area may be irritated and therefore particularly sensitive to pathogens or certain substances. So if you want to avoid rashes or sores, you may prefer to slip into the comfortable Omi-Schlüpper than in the sexy panties, which may have brought us into this situation … 

5. Compliment the partner

As I said: Oxytocin! Now is THE opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the partner. A particularly good way is to tell him or her what we found especially beautiful during sex. This gives him a good feeling, strengthens his self-confidence – and usually causes us to get even more next time! ?

6. Common time

Simple Sex Rule: Do not come too fast and do not go too fast afterwards! Sexual intercourse puts us in a kind of high state, we feel happy and content, and the world is great (at least, it’s better than usual). To experience this high together with the partner – laughing, cuddling, talking, fooling around – welding us together. On the other hand, leaving the other alone in the middle of the high can feel like a gossip right in the face.