6 tips to prevent a nest from settling in your home

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Spring is well established, and with that the return of certain insects including our best friends the wasps! Even if generally nobody appreciates that a wasp nest colonizes his garden, it is nevertheless recommended not to kill them so that it can continue to ensure the pollination of our plants. So how do you get rid of them without killing them? We explain to you!

This is already a phenomenon that posed a problem last year, the resurgence of the presence of wasps in our gardens when the good weather arrives. A situation that is partly due to the increasingly mild winters that we are experiencing and which allow colonies to be less affected by temperatures and to renew themselves more quickly. Given the rather mild winter that we have just had, it is a safe bet that the year 2023 will follow in the footsteps of 2022.

While there was between 10 to 12 interventions per day last summer in terms of professional wasp nest destruction, it doesn’t seem to be any different this year. So even if wasps can be considered pests and we do not want to have them in our gardens, they still play a very important role. They are essential for the preservation of our ecosystems ensuring the pollination of our plants. While they are these tricks that allow us to keep them away of our homeswe reveal everything to you!

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The use of essential oils

The scent of essential oils is powerful and some can scare away wasps like lavender, peppermint, rosemary or even lemongrass. So all you need to do is put a few drops in a bowl of water and place it on a table or windowsill to scare away the wasps.

Plant certain plants in your garden

If you want to use a gentle way to keep wasps away from your homes, just plant some plants they hate: absinthe, mint, basil, geranium or marigold.

Use ground coffee

In order to scare away wasps, there is also a fairly simple trick, burnt ground coffee. All you have to do is place some in a small dish where the wasps are passing through and they will be just a bad memory.

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Grill or mix with garlic, onion or cucumber

If you want to repel wasps,smell of garlic, onion and cucumber could be of great help. To do this, either you simply place these grilled foods on your outdoor table, or you prepare a mixture that you place in a bowl with one liter of water for 3 tablespoons of garlic in powder.

Crush a clove

Clove also has an odor that scares away wasps. For this you will have to crush the clove and simply place it outside or plant it in an orange to arrange around a table.

Empty the trash and check your holes in the ground

To keep wasps away from a house, you should always make sure your bins are emptied and that they do not pile up outdoors. Wasps generally like garbage and are attracted to this type of smell. You will also need to ensure that all the holes in the ground of your garden are filled since wasps also build their nest in the ground.

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