6 tips to save on your shopping

Shopping for a large family can be very expensive. This is why you have to be vigilant about your expenses so as not to explode your budget. In order to avoid having to face this problem again, here are our wise tips that will save you money.

When you are a large family, the food shopping budget is more important. And it happens that this increases because of extras (end of year celebrations, birthdays …) or variations in retail prices. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to buy what you need for the whole family. However, be aware that this is not impossible.

Buying everything (vegetables, fruits, drinks, meats, fish, sauces, cereals …) does not necessarily mean “spending a lot”. With a good method when shopping, you can considerably reduce your food shopping budget and thus use the money provided for this purpose for other needs (clothing, family activities …). We reveal to you some unstoppable tips that confirm our statements.

1. Buy your seasonal fruits and vegetables at the market

At the market, fruits and vegetables are cheaper than in stores. Be careful though to target your market gardener to buy good products. In addition, it is possible to do good business before closing. To get rid of unsold goods, traders often start selling off. Thanks to this, you can leave with loaded arms at a lower cost.

2. Plan your menus for the week

Planning a menu for the week lets you know all the ingredients you need. As a result, you will have less temptation for unnecessary purchases when you do your shopping. Your wallet will say a big thank you!

3. Prepare economical dishes

Bet on economical dishes. Some great classics are great for saving your pennies. Among them, gratins, soups or mashed potatoes, pasta in sauce (bolognese, carbonara, pesto …), mushroom omelet and even rice salad.

4. Cook in large quantities

With one large dish, you can make multiple meals. And it saves you money on different aspects of your daily life. In fact, you will save on your water and electricity bills because you will use less of your appliances for cooking and washing dishes. But also on your efforts to prepare and your time spent behind the stove.

5. Save your leftovers

Your leftovers can be recycled in many ways. So, if all your beef has not been eaten, you can eat it with cooked vegetables, integrate it into salads, quiches … Another example, use your chicken carcasses and vegetable peels to make broth instead of buying industrial bouillon cubes.

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6. Make your own products

To do so, first identify the products you eat the most. If bread is part of your daily consumption, don’t hesitate to invest in a bread machine. The same goes for yogurts, the yogurt maker is a machine that helps you make it the way you like it. In terms of sauces, jams or fruit juices, you can also easily make them yourself. The recipes are many and varied on the web, especially at Marmiton.

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