60 Keep name at location: Investor finds buyers for Real leftovers

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Investor finds buyers for Real leftovers

Competitors Edeka, Kaufland and Globus are taking action to break up the Real food chain. A Russian financial investor SCP had acquired around 270 stores from the Metro group. Now he’ll get rid of the rest too. According to reports, however, he no longer brings him any money.

The Russian investor SCP has sold the remains of the Real supermarket chain to the family office of the Tischendorf family and a team of Real managers. The transaction, which should be completed by June, affects around 60 Real locations with around 5,000 jobs, SCP announced. These would also be continued under the Real name. With the many years of expertise of the management team and the entrepreneurial experience of the Tischendorf family, the company has “long-term and very good prospects,” said SCP Retail boss Patrick Kaudewitz.

The entrepreneur Sven Tischendorf said: “Real has a very healthy business core. Together with the future management team, it is our goal to substantially modernize Real GmbH as a hypermarket company with a food and non-food range and thus realign it very successfully .” The aim is to “substantially modernize Real as a hypermarket company with a food and non-food range,” he said and announced that he would join Real’s management team.

Important functions such as the purchase of goods or the goods logistics of the former Metro subsidiary are to be taken over by a partner, but the name of the company was not given. Around 130 Real employees would take on the future tasks of the central administration in the service company of the new owners, it said.

The companies did not disclose the purchase price. The trade journal “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reported that Tischendorf would receive “a dowry in the lower three-digit million euro range”. The transaction is scheduled to be completed by June 30th. However, it is still subject to various conditions, including the approval of the Federal Cartel Office.

The financial investor SCP had acquired the ailing hypermarket chain Real with its around 270 stores from the retail group Metro in 2020 in order to break it up and sell it on. Kaufland, Edeka and Globus have already secured a large number of branches.

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