60 million consumers alert on several drugs sold in pharmacies

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The spring season very often rhymes with the return of allergic rhinitis. Many French people fight against these inconveniences due to the release of pollen into the air: grass, birch, herbaceous, cypress… there is something for everyone! So what are the most effective drugs available without a prescription in pharmacies? 60 million consumers paints an unflattering portrait of these antiallergics.

If during the winter allergies are often absent, this is no longer the case with the arrival of spring! This season is often customary for a return of hay feverit is moreover the Pasteur Institute of Lille which explained the phenomenon: pollen allergies affect nearly 20% of the French population , and this figure is constantly increasing due to an increasing concentration of pollen in the air”. Hay fever or respiratory allergy is generally not dangerous, but remains very disabling, which is why many medicines or dietary supplements are sold in pharmacies to combat these inconveniences.

Stuffy nose, watery eyes, tingling, sneezing or even a slight cough, you may have already experienced several of these symptoms without knowing that you have allergic rhinitis. It is in its magazine of March 30, 2023 that the association 60 million consumers decided to sift through all of these antiallergic products sold in pharmacies without a prescription. A study which is likely to come as a surprise since the organization warns of theassociated risks taking this type of medication.

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A very wide offer to fight against hay fever

One of the most used drugs in the context of a seasonal allergy remains antihistamine and more particularly the moleculescetirizine and loratadine. They have few side effects and are effective from the onset of crises, but beware the alert survey on the price framework of these drugs. Indeed the magazine warns, prices may vary “from simple to triple depending on the points of sale “.

These are more than 22 references that were analyzed by the association in its April issue. All of these products are generally used to fight against allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis. Sold in self-service, these medical devices do not havenot yet proven their effectiveness especially when it comes to dietary supplements. The association 60 million consumers writes in his report that food supplements only require a simple declaration with the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF)“. Information to consider when looking for an antiallergic.

The magazine also warns about the lack of information on the risks involved when taking certain treatments, for example for those based onessential oils for pregnant women or people allergic to perfumes. It is also important to check the vitamin D levelor alcohol in this type of product, information that we do not always think to check.

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