60 Second Rule: Is That The Secret For Beautiful Skin?


In just one minute to the perfect skin? Sounds like a dream. But with this method it should actually work. We reveal what’s behind it.

We all want beautiful skin. And anyway we all want the skin that we do not have. You know that for sure. But with the 60 second rule, we should all get a dream skin. Whether that’s true – and what is behind it, we explain to you.

That’s behind the 60-second rule

With the 60-second rule, it takes time – that’s what the name suggests. This is about cleaning your face for exactly 60 seconds with your cleaning product. Nice thoroughly. Skin care expert Nayamka Roberts-Smith shared this tip on her Twitter account. And why exactly should we do that? Quite simply, the longer you put the product on your skin, the better it can absorb the ingredients of the cleansing product. Sounds quite logical.

But that’s not the only reason for the one-minute cleansing ritual. In an interview with Cosmopolitan.com, she reveals: “Taking just 60 seconds is enough to pay attention to our skin and make us aware of what we are doing.” Above all, one should remember to also cleanse the hairline, the nostrils or under the chin. If you feel caught now – we’ll do it too …

Does that work for everyone?

As simple as this routine may be, it can be so revolutionary for individuals. Because what works for one, does not necessarily work for the other. Especially with hormonal acne or predisposition to impure skin you can wash as much as you want – you will not be able to change it. But it’s still worth a try, right? If you are testing the 60-second rule, you should choose the cleaning product wisely and pay close attention to the ingredients. Of products with a lot of alcohol, we would advise against. They irritate the skin and can irritate it.

Here’s a video showing just how the 60-second method works (though you can not go wrong here!):