7.9 tons of cocaine found on container ship

Investigators found cocaine worth 200 million euros in a banana container that came from Ecuador. Four suspects were arrested.

The cocaine was transported to Antwerp on a ship coming from Ecuador.

Imago/Jonas Roosens

(dpa) 7.9 tons of cocaine worth more than 200 million euros were discovered in a banana container coming from Ecuador in the port of Antwerp. After investigations by Belgian and Dutch investigators, four suspects were arrested near Amsterdam, as the Dutch police announced on Friday evening. After the corresponding container was picked up and taken to a warehouse in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, special police forces arrested the four Dutchmen last week. They were taken into custody.

Also last week, a man from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was arrested trying to transport 600 kilos of cocaine from the port of Antwerp to the Netherlands. The drugs were in a container that had arrived from Colombia, police said.

Since this summer, the Belgian and Dutch police and judiciary have joined forces in a special task force to combat large-scale drug smuggling via the port of Antwerp to the Netherlands. They also work together with the customs and tax authorities.

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