7 bun ideas for short hair

Have you succumbed to the pixie cut or graphic bob this winter and are now struggling to tie them up in a bun? All the ideas to create volume and change your style for a wedding or a romantic evening …

Article written in collaboration with Dyson

A great hairstyle classic, the bun will always be in fashion and relentlessly trustees the top requests on Pinterest. Laid back by day and sophisticated by night, it's a must-have look, going seamlessly from retro to bohemian, even from a cropped base. All our advice to highlight your face!

Make a low bun on short hair

Since you cannot raise your hair in a bun (watch out for small strands that come out of the button and create ears), it is a question of creating a bun that comes to rest beautifully on the nape of the neck. To do this, proceed in stages:

  • Spray a texturizing treatment all over the hair to give it body and volume, and backcomb to densify the material.
  • Bring your locks back and tie them in a low ponytail without pulling too much so as not to overwhelm the volume obtained on the top of the head.
  • Wrap the strands around the elastic loosely and secure the movement with a few bun pins by sliding the ends under the now coiled ponytail to conceal them and create a clean hairstyle, with no loose strands sticking out. Feel free to spray on a hairspray to polish it up.

Make a banana bun on short hair

Vintage inspiration for this retro and glamorous hairstyle whose shell recalls the very trendy 60's look today.

  • Texturize your hair using hairspray or a densifying product to create volume and substance.
  • Draw a parting in the middle of the hair and place a mini mousse bun on the right or on the left, it will serve as a base for the bun and create an illusion of volume.
  • To form the shell, cover it entirely with hair, bringing the strands one by one to the top of the accessory, securing them one by one using bun pins to poke into the mousse.
  • Bring the remaining small hairs back and secure them with wax or strong hairspray.

Make a rock bun on short hair

Easy to change your hairstyle in a few minutes thanks to this bun with a style that is both rock and chic.

  • Brush your hair back and then form a shell over the top of the head, securing it with bun clips.
  • Then pull your hair back as if to form a banana and secure again.
  • Don't hesitate to use wax to plaster your flyaways and lacquer to hold the hairstyle.

Make a messy-styled bun on short hair

Always in fashion, bohemian style can be worn evening and morning and is suitable for all women without distinction of look.

  • Divide the hair into three strands, two on each side of the face and a third on the nape of the neck, tied in a ponytail with an elastic not too tight.
  • Pull the remaining two strands into a headband and secure them at the ponytail clip.
  • Take the mass of free hair and roll it up on itself, crushing the material like a bird's nest. Secure with pins, but let a few flyaways escape for a fuzzy, deceptively overlooked result.
  • If you have shoulder length hair, you can even braid the two strands framing the face and secure the braids behind the head for a romantic crown effect. Or even slip a few flowers in if you are going to a wedding!

Make a dancer bun on short hair

A great hairstyle classic, this chic and elegant bun is easily done on short hair.

  • Start by taming any frizz by smoothing the strands well on the scalp.
  • Tie your mini lengths into a low ponytail with an elastic in your hair color.
  • Wrap the strands into a small, tight ball, placed low on the nape of the neck and secure them with a few bun pins before spraying a strong hairspray on the hairstyle to secure and prevent the strands from escaping.

Make a bohemian bun on short hair

Fan of braids, no more reason to despair, you can very well achieve pretty updos with braided locks even on short cuts!

  • Start by ironing your (mini) lengths to create a wave or curls and apply a texturizing mousse or spray to add volume.
  • Take a thick wick on the right or left and leave it aside.
  • Divide the rest of your hair into two parts that you will twist and roll up nicely before fixing the result on the nape of the neck like a half crown.
  • Take the remaining wick and make a braid that you will fix on the side, under, or at the junction of your crown.

Make a romantic bun on short hair

Here again, braids are a must for this look that is both chic and trendy, in the top 3 of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles!

  • Part your hair in thirds and tie it into a low ponytail with the middle part. Secure it with a rubber band the color of your hair.
  • Then make a mini bun with this same lock by winding it on itself and hold it in place with small pins.
  • Then braid the strands on each side of your face and cross them above your bun. Secure it all with a hairspray veil, but let some little hair escape for a very romantic blur effect.

3 essentials for an easy bun on short hair:

Achieving a beautiful bun when you have short hair is no small task. For this, it is of course necessary to adapt the choice of hairstyle, but also to have on hand the right devices, products or accessories. For you, we have selected the 3 essentials to succeed each of your updos on short hair.

The Dyson Airwrap™ to work the hair
If you've ever tried to do a bun on short hair, you know that hair texture matters. To achieve a bohemian, tousled-style updo, it's best to have pretty waves, not too straight hair. Conversely, if you want a beautiful, perfectly flat dancer's bun, it is recommended to have hair that you have brushed beforehand. And that's why we recommend the Dyson Airwrap ™ for your updos.
The Dyson Airwrap ™ works with the brand's digital V9 engine and has the ability to propel air at high speed over a curved surface. In other words, it offers the possibility of making hairstyles without extreme heat. Available in a beautiful copper box for the end of the year 2020 celebrations, the Dyson Airwrap ™ comes with different tips allowing a multitude of hairstyles; like an impeccable blow-dry with the round brush, pretty curls with a natural finish with the rollers, or a very straight hair with the straightening brushes.

Dyson Airwrap ™ Copper Edition Gift Set, 499 €
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A texturizing spray to help with styling
You've probably already experienced this, when you tie your short hair in a bun, the locks are very rebellious. This is why we recommend that you use a texturizing spray for easier styling. Our favorite? Oribe Dry Texturing Spray. A few sprays are enough to tame her short hair, reboost it from the roots, and give it a nice volume.

Dry Texturing Spray, Oribe
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Bun clips to hold the hairstyle
Impossible to make a bun without a bun clip! For a nicer result, we adapt their shade according to our hair. People with dark hair can opt for black bun clips, while those with lighter hair can choose gold or copper clips.

Set of 70 bun clips, Glamor STYLE
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Article written by Aurélia HERMANGE-HODIN

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