7-year-old girl killed with 37 stab wounds, killer arrested 30 years later

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The tragic facts occurred in October 1992 in an abandoned building located in Sunderland, in the north-east of England. DNA analyzes have identified the murderer more than 30 years later.

After being reported missing, seven-year-old Nikkie Allan was found dead in an abandoned building near her home after she was stabbed multiple times in Sunderland in October 1992. The following year a trial was held at Leeds Crown Court, where a certain George Heron was charged with the girl’s murder. The jurors ultimately found the man innocent. More than 30 years after the events, new analyzes have found traces of DNA belonging to David Thomas Boyd on the clothes of the victim, bringing this cold case out of the drawer.

This man, better known as David Smith or David Bell at the time, lived in the same building where little Nikkie Allan lived. He is currently on trial in Newcastle District Court for the murder of the girl. “He knew very well the building in which she was murdered and knew how to enter it”, said prosecutor Dwight KC, as reported by the Mirror. This is not the first time that the accused has been heard in this case, since he had already been heard during the trial of George Heron.

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heavy suspicions

“He built himself a false alibi in 1992, when he took advantage of police wrongly focused attention on an innocent man, he even provided a statement which was used in the initial trial,” the prosecutor reminded the jurors. According to the suspect’s own confession, he was the last person to see Nikkie Allan during her lifetime and also admitted to being out when the girl was reported missing. Statements that cast doubt on the involvement of David Thomas Boyd in this case.

The suspicions hanging over the accused are reinforced by the new scientific analyzes carried out by the investigators. “Modern scientific testing has revealed the presence of her DNA on Nikki’s clothes in multiple places.”, added the prosecutor. By crossing the various elements revealed by the investigation, the police came to the conclusion that David Thomas Boyd is among the first suspects in the murder of the little girl.

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Still according to the prosecutor, he is the only suspect to know both the victim, the way to access the building where the body was found and the exact configuration of the premises even 30 years after the fact. In addition, the defendant admitted to having seen Nikki Allan the day of her disappearance and lied about her alibi given in 1992 to the investigators. Finally, his DNA was found all over the victim’s clothes. Jurors to deliberate on defendant’s involvement in murder. Case to follow.

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