700 kilos !: Lucerne man sews the largest trousers in the world

With this piece of clothing he is fulfilling a lifelong dream: Xwendekar Kelesh from Beromünster LU has tailored what is probably the largest pair of trousers in the world for almost eight months. It is 70 meters long and weighs 700 kilograms.

It has a 16 meter long zipper and would fit a 180 meter tall person. On Sunday the giant trousers were presented to the population in Beromünster and officially measured. With her Kelesh wants to create the entry in the Guinness Book of Records. If he succeeds, the passionate tailor plans to sew around 12,000 fabric bags out of his pants, which are to be given away but also sold in shops in Beromünster, Sempach Stadt and Neuenkirch.