75,000 vehicles are missing: Car rental companies expect steep price increases

75,000 vehicles are missing
Car rental companies expect sharp price increases

Rental cars are already significantly more expensive than in previous years. But prices will probably rise again sharply. The manufacturers delivered far too few vehicles, complains the head of the industry association. In addition, other customers would be preferred for delivery.

Anyone who needs a rental car will have to be prepared for higher costs in the coming year. “We are assuming that prices will rise significantly again next year,” said the President of the Federal Association of Car Rental Companies in Germany, Jens Erik Hilgerloh, of the specialist newspaper “Automobilwoche”. “It is already foreseeable that too few rental vehicles are on the market,” he said to justify the situation. “If the demand continues to rise, the conditions deteriorate.”

Regarding the extent of the increases, Hilgerloh said he was assuming that prices would rise “massively again”. “But in Germany it will not be like in the holiday region Mallorca, where the prices have in some cases multiplied in the current year.”

The situation is due to the lack of chips and the delivery problems of the major automakers. “They supply us with around 20 to 25 percent fewer vehicles than the industry would actually need,” complained Hilgerloh. “We will be missing around 75,000 vehicles in Germany.”

Hilgerloh, who is also the CEO of Starcar Europa Service Group AG, sees his industry being disadvantaged by the car manufacturers. “The manufacturers primarily serve the private customer business, as it is initially more lucrative from their point of view. This primarily affects landlords and all mobility providers, major customers and fleet operators,” he told Automobilwoche.

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