8 current errors that accentuate driving and make faces look bad, according to experts

By making up our eyes, complexion and lips, two professional makeup artists reveal the mistakes that women over 50 face when they put on their makeup. These are the most “memorable” to avoid ruining your face.

Used after de rayon the face Without having to resort to surgery or aesthetic medicine, makeup can have a bluffing effect after 50 years. Tips to lift puffy lips and brighten the look, better lip rouge to soften fine lips, brightening mascara color… Make-up techniques are not enough to enhance a relaxed face shape and put more light on the areas flattening of the face (lips and eyes), completely covering the edges with prominent…

But to benefit from its embellishing effect, it is essential not to use it too lightly, especially to make up your eyes which are one of the facial areas that hide extra age. Professional makeup artists Mandie Brice and Destiny. McGill, and makeup expert Anastasia Tomchenko have also been convinced Shefinds The risk of applying makeup mistakes when you turn 50 is that your dark circles are very noticeable when you remove your makeup routine for a “youngster” effect.

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Mature skin makeup: “memorable” mistakes cannot be made with your eye makeup

Concentrating on the signs of age such as cutaneous relaxation, swollen eyes and wrinkles, not skin rashes and wrinkles on the eyes and under the eyes, the appearance must be sublimated with caution after 50 years . Apart from the bad habits that women with mature skin have, the experts hear:

  • apply your anti-eye bags very carefully under the eye : it is a very weak reflex when one wants to reduce the signs of fatigue which are concentrated on the face, because it has a real tendency to overdraw the fine skin of the eye contour of the makeup and to mark the edges. “You must apply the corrector to the line where your forehead begins, but apply the corrector to the pockets under the eyes or on the shoulders, your forehead will become older”assures also makeup expert Anastasia Tomchenko.
  • apply a little powder under the eyes : often complementary to the previously mentioned error, this habit that one has to do with correcting makeup until the evening completely covers the habit of brushing our eyes. And for cause, as the expert tells us: “adding a little more powder can also make you look older”.

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  • souligner his arcade source : this charming, beautiful and illuminating 30-year-old girl can become a memento after 50 years. Therefore, avoid applying highlighter or light brown ombre to this area just under the eyebrow, rather than applying your makeup, as you risk putting too much air into your eye makeup.
  • apply the ombre to shiny hairs They are beautiful with their glittery sequins and their illuminated effect that captures the light, but the glittery fards with sequined, shiny and iridescent finishes do not have a particularly beautiful effect on the mature skin marked by the rides because they put the accent on it. “Sometimes, the sequins and dark colors can aggravate the rides and rides”, explained, in effect, Mandie Brice. Destiny. McGill recommends that she prefers the fards to pauper mats, as they “It is truly installed in the rides and attracts attention to them”.
  • apply crayon to black eyes : easily used to capture the look in the mucous membrane of the lower jaw, the black crayon can enhance the look and expression of the face, all while imagining a slightly modern aspect of a certain age. As explained by make-up expert Anastasia Tomchenko, “Women over 35 don’t need graphic makeup and the look should be soft.” Plutôt, who prefers to apply this color of crayon slightly flatteringly for the older ones, recommends using a crayon for the eyes of “color gray or brown” for a more modern and enhancing eye makeup.

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Makeup for the complexion and lips: these other makeup errors that radically alter the face

Even if the view is an area that concentrates the signs of age and requires more attention when making makeup after the age of 50, the only current errors are not to be noticed. In effect, the choice of your complexion foundation and your lip rouge remains primary. Of course, pay attention not to:

  • use a foundation base : like the soul of professional makeup artist Mandie Brice, certain complexion funds shine enormously. According to her, it is the case of the skin tone to the point that it should better avoid the benefit of a “foundation cream or serum” which will moisturise you even more and preserve your skin tone so that you don’t notice the puffiness and wrinkles present on your face.

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  • Apply a blusher to the lips that brightens the teeth : According to the expert, another current error at this age is to neglect the yellowing effect, which sometimes causes certain shades of red lipstick to appear on the face, at the time when the enamel of the teeth tends to yellow with the ‘age. To find the right color, she invites you to “not only notice how the color interacts with your complexion, but also with the color of your teeth” to ensure you a radiant makeup. Certain shades of red lipstick can “make your teeth more yellow, which is a sign of age”, souligne-t-elle.
  • choose a very intense lip rouge : To enhance your lips when the contour of your lip is smooth, it is equally important to pay attention to the intensity of the color you apply to your lip. This last one can, effectively, contrast somewhat harmoniously with your skin color and give a melange air to your makeup. “For people with light skin, it is dark or lively colors”added Mandie Brice, before specifying that for people with thin skin, this is too much “clear colors”. According to the makeup artist, the contrast between the color of the lipstick and the skin is more important, and the edges around the eyelid are more accentuated.
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