8 Signs You’re Much Smarter Than People Think (They Don’t See Your True Potential)

Because intelligence is not only manifested by good grades in school and a successful professional career, the intellectual level of some people can be underestimated. Are you one of them? Trust these 8 signs.

For those who still doubt it, it is not necessary to be the greatest brain of the world to be clever. According to psychology, true intelligence comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with some being less common than others. But not everyone knows how to perceive it in the people concerned.

Certain prejudices can actually prevent us from seeing to what extent an individual is actually endowed with a high intellectual level. If you recognize the following 8 signs, experts say you’re probably a lot smarter than people think.

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1) You don’t brag about your abilities

You are the first to admit that you don’t know the answer or that you don’t have the solution to this or that problem or question. When you know you can’t do something, you say so. Admitting your limitations is a sign of strength, not weakness. But people don’t always give you the credit you deserve for that. So, not only is it a sign that your ego can handle it, but psychologically speaking, it is also a hidden sign of intelligence.

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2) You ask a lot of “dumb questions”

Information that some people consider “obvious” is only so because they have already learned it. But that doesn’t mean they’re obvious to you. However, many people can be condescending and try to make others feel stupid for what they have not yet learned. But by making fun of you, they are just trying to feel superior. Remember, it’s by asking questions that you expand your knowledge and learn what you don’t understand. Asking lots of questions is therefore a sign that you are smarter than you are given credit for.

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3) You are interested in all the strange and unique things in the world around you

Other people may not see the point in certain topics that you find fascinating. They may even try to make you believe that you are stupid for being interested in this or that subject. Differences in tastes and preferences can cause others to not appreciate your expertise or knowledge in a particular area. But whether your interests are popular or not, they are a sign of one very important thing: curiosity. According to psychology, this quality is fundamental when it comes to evolving, learning and deepening what we know.

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4) You are known for your jokes

The class or office clown, although he makes you smile, is often rejected and underestimated. When you take life lightly, people don’t always take you seriously. But a strong sense of humor has been shown to be associated with a higher intelligence quotient. This is actually one of the reasons why people find a funny partner so attractive. It is actually a reflection of higher (but hidden) verbal and non-verbal intelligence.

5) You tend to worry about anything and everything

There are people who can be considered “naturally worried”. But it’s not a sign that they’re stupid for worrying and stressing about everything, it’s actually a side effect of a conscientious and thoughtful nature. Research has actually linked anxiety to high intelligence. As pointed out Psych Centralcomplex characters may have hidden depths that make them more prone to mental health issues.

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6) You sometimes lack common sense

Common sense is shaped by experience, not necessarily by intellect. This is why wisdom tends to increase with age: the more we have experienced, the more we understand how to manage life. But Michelle vanDellen, a professor of behavioral and brain sciences, says that in reality, there is no such thing as common sense. Or, at least, it’s not the same according to people. “No one is likely to agree on what common sense is,” she assures. Additionally, not doing or saying what is expected (i.e. acting foolishly) can even be a sign of a high IQ.

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7) You help people feel good about themselves

We often have a stereotypical idea of ​​what intelligence is: we immediately think of someone who excels in mathematics or science. But such simplification doesn’t match the multifaceted reality of how intelligence manifests in the real world. These biases mean we generally don’t give enough credit to things like social and emotional intelligence. However, these forms of intelligence allow us to acquire many essential skills, which facilitate progression in life and in relationships with others.

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8) You prefer to observe rather than be the center of attention

When you prefer to avoid being the center of attention, others tend to ignore you or underestimate you. For example, you may be the last to offer an idea in a group meeting or you prefer not to offer your opinion unless explicitly asked. But this is not a sign of a lack of knowledge. On the contrary, keen observers often notice things that others miss. It has been noted that people with high IQs often have superior observation skills. They are more attentive to their surroundings, they focus on details, which allows them to piece things together.

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