80 years of the Vel ‘d’Hiv’ roundup: the majority is indignant after a tweet by Mathilde Panot

“Shame”, “abject”, “nausea”: a tweet from the leader of the LFI deputies Mathilde Panot, reproaching in particular Emmanuel Macron for having “honoured Pétain” in 2018, arouses a volley of indignant reactions in the majority on the day of the commemorations of the Rafle du Vel d’Hiv. “80 years ago, the collaborationists of the Vichy regime organized the Vel d’Hiv roundup. Do not forget these crimes, today more than ever, with a President of the Republic who honors Pétain and 89 deputies RN”, tweeted the leader of the deputies LFI Mathilde Panot on Saturday.

Macron in the Loiret for the commemorations

In 2018, Emmanuel Macron called Pétain a “great soldier” during the First World War, even if he then “led disastrous choices”. And Sunday afternoon, the Head of State commemorates in Pithiviers in the Loiret the 80th anniversary of the Rafle du Vel d’Hiv by inaugurating, in the company of survivors, a new place of memory in the old station of the city. Ceremony to which elected officials from the National Rally were also invited, by republican tradition, detailed the Elysée, without specifying whether they would be present.

The Minister responsible for Transport, Clément Beaune, called on Mahtilde Panot to withdraw her tweet and to present “her apologies to France, quickly”. “Beyond shame. We dare not believe it,” he reacted on the same social network. Relaying this call to withdraw the controversial tweet, Renaissance MP Prisca Thévenot said on CNews on Sunday that LFI had “succeeded in winning the palm of the abject, the unworthy”.*

“To instrumentalize the Holocaust without writing the word ‘Jew’, after having voted several amendments with the RN. LFI is no longer an ideological contortion. It is unworthy of the memory of the victims, it is a daughter of children who tells you, “wrote ex-minister Emmanuelle Wargon on Twitter.

The majority also attacks the Nupes

For the RDPI senator with a majority En Marche Julien Bargeton, “it is not a slippage. It is the consequence of the systematic attitude consisting in making any subject an occasion of conflict, without respect for the memory or the Republic”.

“What a shame!”, “Nausea”, “No limit in indecency”, reacted again respectively the ministers Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, Isabelle Rome and Olivier Dussopt.

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