83-year-old movie star makes surprising revelations at Cannes Film Festival

Present at the Cannes Film Festival, as part of the presentation of the documentary dedicated to her life, American actress Faye Dunaway made unexpected confidences about her state of health.

She played one of the most famous female gangsters on the planet. In the 1960s, actress Faye Dunaway rose to fame thanks to the film Bonnie and Clyde, based on a true story. This feature film told the murderous epic of two criminals in love who really existed. A statuesque beauty, she went on to appear in several hit films like The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), The Infernal Tower (1974), The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), Barfly (1987) or Arizona Dream (1993).

The American film star was present at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17 as part of the presentation of the documentary Faye, directed by French director Laurent Bouzereau. This work dedicated to his life and career was presented as part of the Cannes Classics 2024 selection: documentaries.

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A tribute to the career of Faye Dunaway

In this documentary, created in collaboration with HBO, several artists and those close to the actress provided their testimonies concerning her. These include his son, Liam Dunaway O’Neill, and actors Mickey Rourke and Sharon Stone, reported Here is.

To present this work exclusively, HBO posted the following message on Instagram on April 29: “Faye, a new original documentary from HBO about the life and career of Hollywood legend and Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway, will be previewed at the @FestivaldeCannes and will soon be available on @StreamOnMax.”

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Faye Dunaway’s secrets

During his time on the Croisette, the film star made surprising confidences about his state of health. She has in fact confided that she is bipolar and that she is undergoing treatment. “I worked with a group of doctors who analyzed my behavior and who prescribed me pills that they thought would be helpful for me. And it helped, she declared in particular. She then clarified that she was taking a new treatment which was particularly helping her on a daily basis. “So I’m calmer. But, throughout my career, people know that there have been difficult moments”she added.

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The Bonnie and Clyde star opened up the impact of her new treatment on her life, as well as the effects it has on her. In the documentary Fayeshe indeed declared: “It’s a sensitivity and it’s something that’s just part of my constitution… Thank God there are medications and there are studies, and there are doctors who deal with this and I have could benefit from it. Medications are essential, and without them, we fall back into what exists psychologically and biologically.”

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