8:30 p.m. on Sunday: Claude Lelouch talks about this phone call that would have been fatal to Patrick Dewaere

Claude Lelouch was invited to the 8:30 p.m. set on Sunday May 9. The opportunity for him to return to one of the dramas of his life: the death of Patrick Dewaere.

On July 16, 1982, the death of Patrick Dewaere was announced. The 35-year-old actor committed suicide at his home in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. A real drama for his family but also his friends, including Claude Lelouch. Guest of the show 8:30 p.m. on Sunday on May 9, he confided in the last phone call received by Patrick Dewaere, which would have been fatal to him. “You have experienced a traumatic episode. It was a friend of yours, it was Patrick Dewaere, the last lunch with him. It’s July ’82, you’re having lunch with him…“, first launched Thomas Sotto. To which the principal concerned replied: “Yes, we had lunch together, we were preparing the life of Marcel Cerdan and Edith Piaf. He was happy, overjoyed, overjoyed“, he said before remembering: “In the morning we had taken pictures in the Bois de Boulogne”. Moved, Claude Lelouch then specifies: And then there’s a phone call during lunch that changed everything.“.

Faced with Thomas Sotto, the director is very upset to evoke the death of his friend. After talking about a phone call that upset Patrick Dewaere, Claude Lelouch remembered the last time he spent a moment in his company. “At one point, he came up to me and said to me: ‘Listen, I have a little emergency’, he said before adding: I didn’t know he was going to end his life. And impossible to predict, he came like that, during lunch“. Moreover, the actor also gave him “See you at five o’clock at the boxing gym. We were supposed to do the Cerdan World Championship against Tony Zale. He had rehearsed, he was ready”, did he remember. A day that marked Claude Lelouch a lot.And then an hour later, they called me to tell me that he had ended his life“, he continued. Faced with the explanations of his guest, Thomas Sotto then asks him:Did you ever find out who called that day?. To which Claude Lelouch responds: We have doubts. But doubts I can’t put on this table“, he concluded.

Claude Lelouch: did he mention his own death?

Claude Lelouch has often spoken, without jargon, about his relationship to death. A few hours earlier, it was in the columns of The New Republic that he had confided. “I find energy in the fact that I love life and that it never ceases to surprise me. Every morning, I get up early so as not to miss the start of the film and I go to bed as late as possible to see as much as possible.” he first explained. Subsequently, he assured that he will not let die if he ever feels that it is time.It’s not impossible that I decide when I’m going to leavesaid Claude Lelouch before adding: “If I can do it, I will. The day when I will feel that I am a ball and chain. I’ve always pulled the plow, been a locomotive and if one day I feel like I’m pissing everyone off, I’ll leave.”


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