8×8 relies on conversational AI to improve the interaction between customers and employees

The Covid-19 pandemic has had the merit of accelerating business initiatives to initiate their digital transformation. While the main factor of differentiation between brands is now played on the customer experience (CX), it is on this point that companies have decided in recent months to focus their efforts. A logical choice, as it appears today that a single bad experience can lead to the loss of a customer and damage the reputation of the brand, causing it sometimes very significant damage.

However, what is often forgotten is that the employee experience and the customer experience are intimately linked, because interactions with customers are still often managed by people. A poor employee experience often results in poor service quality. What lead companies to address this problem to improve the experience of their workforce. It is for the latter that the American provider of cloud-based business communication solutions 8×8 has just unveiled two easy-to-deploy tools with a simple user interface to help organizations improve the experience of customers and employees.

The first tool, Conversation IQ, extends contact center capabilities – such as quality management and speech analytics – to all 8×8 cloud communications users. As its name suggests, this tool relies on conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to extract information from dialogues. Conversation IQ is delivered through 8×8’s eXperience Communications Service (XCaaS), which combines Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) into a single cloud platform.

Teams integration

Conversation IQ can be used by anyone in any role within an organization, be it contact center, front desk or back office. The tool is designed for organizations that want to monitor, evaluate, score and analyze user-to-user and user-to-customer voice interactions. Organizations do not need to have a separate contact center, professional services, or multi-vendor applications to use this tool. It can be installed directly and customized for each user.

Once installed, Conversation IQ automatically transcribes interactions between employees and customers. Enough to allow their hierarchy to examine interactions using keyword research, topic trending reporting and AI-driven sentiment analysis. This data can then be used to understand how effectively agents are serving customers. For example, sentiment analysis identifies changes in emotion and behavior during customer interactions to improve the experience in the future.

The tool also highlights and tags conversations, including voice conversations on Microsoft Teams through the integration of 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams. When it comes to user interactions, managers can ensure employees stay productive while adhering to company policies. A particularly useful feature for organizations that must comply with current regulations on the protection of personal data.

An extension of XCaaS capacities of 8×8

The second tool unveiled by 8×8, Agent Workspace, is a browser-based application combining contact center and unified communications capabilities. It goes beyond simple customer relationship management (CRM) integrations and screen pops. Agent Workspace provides immediate access to tools such as 8×8 Work, which can be installed on a desktop computer or smartphone to enable voice communications, video meetings and team messaging. It is an extension of 8×8 XCaaS capabilities for remote and hybrid work environments.

Leveraging XCaaS, Agent Workspace meets the changing needs of today’s contact center agents by connecting all types of interactions. It equips agents with automated workflows and a seamless experience across different channels. The omnichannel support provided by the app includes chat, email, SMS, social media, and messaging. Contact center agents have all of these features in a single interface, so the conversation history moves with the customer from channel to channel.

For 8×8 VP of Product Management and User Experience Design Dhwani Soni, XCaaS drives efficiency, productivity and engagement. While until now, communication and contact center capabilities have been siled in certain parts of the enterprise, XCaaS should allow enterprises to extend these capabilities to a wider user base without having to overhaul their infrastructure. current, believes the leader.


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