9 brands beyond the 50

If you have a rather round body shape and you are looking to equip yourself with plus size period panties for your period, you are in good shape! Discover in this article the best brands of period panties that go beyond size 50.

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Having your period is no longer a problem thanks to period panties. Having become a benchmark for thousands of women, the menstrual panties revolutionize menstrual protections. Durable, practical, healthy, ecological, washable and comfortable, the ruler panty has everything to seduce us. It is a protection thought and designed to prevent leaks, thanks to the absorbent zone. In general, the protection is made of cotton and bamboo viscose, which provide softness, while absorbing moisture.
And because all women deserve to be able to wear period panties, We have listed in this article the menstrual lingerie brands offering sizes beyond 50.


The Modibodi brand remains a benchmark in the field of period panties. Appreciated by our testers for the 2021 edition of the comparison, the brand offers a very wide choice of clothing suitable for all sizes and all body types. Modibodi panties and menstrual protectors go until 60 : it is one of the most inclusive brands.

Certifications and materials: Oeko-tex for all panties, some being vegan and others made of merino wool (ultra absorbent and anti-humidity material).

Price : between 20 and 50 €
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My Holy

The My Holy brand offers elegant and comfortable panties: Romy, Charlie, Zippy, Billie, Twiggy are their little names. My Holy are menstrual clothes suitable for everyone, in normal size or in high waist size! As for the sizes offered, My Holy will until 56.

Certifications and materials: the My Holy brand is Oeko-tex certified for all materials, organic cotton (GOTS) and Guaranteed French Origin.

Price : 39 to 49 € (free delivery from 39 € of purchase)
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Achel By Lemahieu

Achel by Lemahieu offers a range of period panties that goes straight to the point. Comfortable and elegant, we appreciate the softness of the fabric and the care taken in the making of the products. The brand offers sizes ranging from until 56 in single panty or shorty format with lace edging.

Certifications and materials: the Achel by Lemahieu brand manufactures its products in the north of France from Oeko-tex certified materials. The cotton is certified organic (GOTS). The brand also benefits from the Origine France Garantie, France Terre Textile, and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant labels.

Price : 34 and 40 €
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So Cup

We no longer present the So Cup brand which also enjoyed an excellent place in our comparison. Sensual and feminine, the brand goes up to size 56 (i.e. XXXL) a very good point to quote. We appreciate the existence of a “night” or “day” model. The night model has an absorbent zone that rises higher to the level of the buttocks.

Certifications and materials: Partly made in France, So Cup is Oeko-tex certified for all its panties, the cotton of which is also certified organic (GOTS).

Price : € 26.90 to € 44.90 (free delivery from € 65 purchase)
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Lily Basic

Available in heavy flow or normal flow, Lily Basic panties go up to the size XXL or 52. We will also appreciate the model with pretty lace, to feel feminine regardless of the time of the month.

Certifications and materials: all products are certified Oeko-tex and organic cotton (GOTS), and made in Europe.

Price : 41 to 52 €
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New brand tested this year, we appreciated the softness and elegance of the period panties, which fulfill their promises. The brand offers a model of menstrual panties or menstrual shorts ranging up to size 52.

Certifications and materials: Handcrafted with care, Bertyne panties are certified Oeko-tex and organic cotton (GOTS).

Price : € 34.90 and € 39.90 (free delivery from € 50 purchase)
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Comfortable, sensual and effective, the Blooming panties also convinced us. The brand offers several types of panties ranging up to size 52. There are several models of different colors and shapes, all designed to replace the classic disposable protection.

Certifications and materials : all models are Oeko-tex certified, and the absorbent zone is in viscose, bamboo and cotton.

Price : 20 to 50 € (free delivery from 100 € of purchase)
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This year again, the Moodz brand won us over. Sensual, comfortable and reassuring, the menstrual panties (washable of course) from Moodz are available in different models: high waist, boyshorts, panties, small lace or satin-like border. Femininity and comfort, and up to size 50!

Certifications and materials : all products are Oeko-tex certified and are made of cotton and bamboo viscose.

Price : 30 to 40 €
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Réjeanne hands down the prize for the brand with the largest number of models and colors. Carefully crafted in France, Réjeanne panties remain among our favorites. They are offered up to size 50.

Certifications and materials : Réjeanne products are Oeko-tex and organic cotton (GOTS) certified. The brand also holds the Origine France Garantie label.

Price : 34 to 59 € (free delivery)
Discover Réjeanne: -10% with the code AUFEMININ10

How were these brands chosen?

As with our other articles dedicated to washable menstrual protectors, this selection only mentions the brands that we have tested and validated during several cycles. Available online, these brands have all chosen to offer sizes beyond 50, in order to meet all needs and adapt to different body types. Menstrual clothes have the advantage of being environmentally friendly, healthy, durable and very comfortable.
If a few years ago, period panties were seen as surprising, this is no longer the case. Indeed, thousands of people have now made the choice to bet on quality menstrual clothes. Practical and comfortable, the period panty eliminates the need for sanitary napkins or tampons. Depending on the flow of each, it can be worn between 4 and 8 hours, or even 12 hours for the most absorbent. It will then be enough to rinse it with cold water before washing it in the machine, like a classic garment.

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