9-Euro-Ticket: This day decides about the future

The 9-euro ticket is designed for three months, so it ends at the end of August. But demands for a successor are coming from many quarters. A fateful day has already been set for how the cheap ticket for local and regional transport will continue – or not.

9-euro ticket: federal-state meeting on August 19 should bring clarity

The 9-euro ticket is popular, but also controversial. The temporary measure should scheduled to expire in a few weeks, on August 31st. But then what? After all, many sides and those involved actually want to continue. Or at least find a successor regulation that might be more expensive, but could retain many of the advantages of the 9-euro ticket.

It is therefore still unclear what will become of the 9-euro ticket. But one date should bring more clarity: On August 19, the federal and state governments have scheduled a meeting. There they want to discuss the cheap ticket next time – and before the end of the original period of validity (source: Spiegel).

We can already anticipate that there will be many different positions Ideas and suggestions proliferate wildly. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder spoke out in favor of a similar product, a 365-euro annual ticket. In Lower Saxony, on the other hand, the idea of ​​a regional ticket for the north is being toyed with. North Rhine-Westphalia also has its own idea to relieve public transport users even after the end of the 9-euro ticket.

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Even if the parties meet again on August 19, it is now pretty sure that September 1st will be the end of it for the time being. In order to continue – this was what Germany’s top consumer advocate recently demanded – the decision would have to have been made by now. Several transport associations had therefore urged hurry.

In order to be able to get a successor off the ground at all, the federal states will want to see money at the meeting. They argue about that the federal government do not initiate any offers and then withdraw from the financing could.

Lindner remains with the “no” to the successor

Finance Minister Christian Lindner has just reiterated his “no” to the question of financing: If he previously stated that the ticket was valid for three months, he now sees the 9-euro ticket as unfair. It only benefits people who also have a train station nearby. The federal states had previously signaled that they could at least bear part of the costs.

How it can and will continue, that’s what it’s about now a decision at the earliest on August 19th give. But it has not yet been said that an agreement will be reached.

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