9-euro ticket: traffic club puts pressure on – and presents successors

The discussions about the 9-euro ticket never stop. The Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) is now getting involved in the debate and making concrete proposals for a successor. The new Länder-PlusTicket is not supposed to be quite as cheap as the 9-euro ticket, but the VCD concept scores with something else.

At the end of August, the 9-euro ticket will end, as Chancellor Scholz recently made clear. Being able to use nationwide local and regional transport for little money will remain a unique summer spectacle in 2022 – or will it? The Verkehrsclub Deutschland wants that Continue the success of the 9-euro ticket in a different way.

Country PlusTicket instead of 9-euro ticket: Verkehrsclub Deutschland presents concept

To do this, the VCD proposes the so-called Country PlusTicket before (source: VCD). This divides the federal territory into 8 areas of application including overlaps. The current small-scale of the transport associations in Germany should therefore be over:

The Verkehrsclub Deutschland is planning the Länder-PlusTicket as the successor to the 9-euro ticket (Image source: Verkehrsclub Deutschland)

When it comes to the price, the Verkehrsclub Deutschland is hovering 75 euros per month before. This is how much a regular ticket for one area of ​​validity should cost, each additional area of ​​validity should cost 30 euros. There should be reduced prices for socially disadvantaged people (Hartz IV recipients, students, etc.) and commuters who use the Länder-PlusTicket for the way to and from work. You should only pay 30 euros or 60 euros. Who with the Länder-PlusTicket travel all over Germany wants, according to Willem’s VCD Pay 135 euros a month. All prices in the graphic below:

This is how expensive the Länder-PlusTicket is supposed to be (Image source: Verkehrsclub Deutschland)

In addition to the Länder-PlusTicket, the Verkehrsclub Deutschland is also calling for the massive expansion of public transport. Because only where buses and trains also run could discounted tickets make a contribution to the traffic turnaround and reduce mobility costs.

Everything you should know about the 9-euro ticket:

Country PlusTicket a realistic suggestion

Kaan Gurayer
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With a planned price of 75 euros, the Länder-PlusTicket is much more expensive than the 9-euro ticket. Nevertheless, one should not wipe away the VCD proposal. Transport Minister Wissing referred to the high cost of the 9-euro ticket, which costs the state treasury 1 billion euros a month. It should be clear to anyone with a little common sense that this cannot be a permanent condition. That’s why this suggestion for a 9-euro ticket successor is so interesting because it’s realistic and feasible.

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