9 out of 10 French women prefer to let men flirt first


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Many French women still say they are shocked to see a woman flirt with a man. This is what a recent Ifop survey reveals and the results are disturbing.

An image that does not appeal to everyone. For the site Love Advisor, Ifop conducted a survey with women on the codes of seduction and its potential stereotypes. 1,001 women aged 18 and over took part in this questionnaire carried out between July 28 and 30, 2021. And the results are not really reassuring.

90% of respondents prefer men to take the first steps. And when it is the reverse, the image does not pass with everyone. Thus, 18% of the women questioned consider it inappropriate for a woman to take the initiatives in matters of dating. A percentage that rises to 26% for the over 50 category. But that’s not all !

63% of women have already flirted first

For 17% of respondents, a woman who seduces first is not looking for a serious relationship. And for those over 50, this percentage rises to 21%. Fortunately, all is not all gray in this survey since 63% of them admit to having hit on a man first. And when we look more closely, we see that it is mainly the younger generations who break this stereotype, since 75% of thirties say they are concerned. As you will have understood, the visions are different according to the age groups and the younger generations are no longer afraid to take the first step.

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