9 signs your child is not ready to be clean

Potty training is a long and tedious period, but the important thing is to respect baby’s pace. To find out whether or not your child can start this great adventure, here are 9 signs that your child is not ready to be clean.

Potty training is an important stage in the life of a child as well as of his parents. This transition marks the transition from baby to young child. But this ordeal is not simple and requires patience and perseverance.
Typically, a child learns to be clean between the ages of 2 and 4. However, the most important thing in this step is to respect the child’s rhythm.
Indeed, if many signs show parents that the child is ready to be clean, others on the other hand show just the opposite.

To help you, here are 9 signs that your child is not ready to be potty trained:

# 1: dirty diapers don’t bother him

When a child is ready to start potty training, he is often embarrassed by his diaper, especially when it is dirty. If, on the contrary, this situation does not bother baby, it shows that he does not have the necessary motivation at the beginning of this learning. It will then be necessary to wait a little longer.

N ° 2: The exchange rate does not change

Before the nap and not after, after lunch and not before, sometimes the pace of diaper changes changes. If your baby hasn’t changed this rhythm yet, he may not be ready to potty.

# 3: her diaper is constantly wet

Some children urinate easily, their bladder is too weak for them to walk without a diaper. If your toddler does not defecate for 2 hours in a row, or more, you may want to start training! Otherwise, it is better to wait a little longer.

# 4: he can’t sit still

Children often find it difficult to sit still: they wander in all directions and are constantly on the move. Do you find your baby in this description? So he’s probably not ready to get clean.

N ° 5: He does not express his needs

As he grows up, the child begins to express himself, so he will use verbal or physical signals to communicate with you. And for the stool, he will do the same. If your toddler hasn’t taken this step yet, he or she probably isn’t ready to be clean yet.

N ° 6: He does not take off his pants alone

When a child grows up and begins to move around, sometimes wearing clothes becomes an inconvenience for him. When it becomes clean, the child will tend to lower his pants to express his needs. In addition, in potty training the child makes a large number of trips to and from the toilet. If your baby doesn’t take off his pants on his own, he won’t be able to start potty training.

N ° 7: The pot does not interest him or scares him

The transition is a complicated stage, it sometimes happens that the child shows a total disinterest in the potty, he does not look at it, he just sits on it looking up. If your child is behaving like this, he may not be potty-ready.

Some children find it scary to sit on the potty. They don’t like this hole and don’t trust it. If this is the case with yours, it will take a little longer. Help them get rid of his fear first, and don’t force him.

# 8: he doesn’t go up the stairs

One sign that the child is in control of his sphincters and is therefore ready for toilet training is that he is able to walk up and down stairs on his own. He still climbs on all fours and goes down on the buttocks? It is too early for him to approach this new stage.

# 9: brutal changes

Maybe you are expecting a second child, moving house, or going through a separation. Stress is present in the family and in your child too, too much is in his head to engage in learning. You better wait until the calm returns.

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