9 Spoon Cake: Quick recipe makes chocolate dreams come true

No time? No problem!
This quick 9-spoon cake will make your chocolate dreams come true

You don’t need a kitchen scale to make this delicious 9-spoon chocolate cake.


This 9-spoon cake is in the oven in just a few minutes and will soon be exuding its delicious chocolate smell in the kitchen. Find out the quick recipe here.

When things have to be done very quickly in the kitchen, this recipe is perfect. Because in order for the delicious chocolate cake to succeed, you don’t even have to take your kitchen scales or measuring cup out of the cupboard. A tablespoon and ingredients you probably already have at home are enough to satisfy your craving for something sweet in no time.

9 Spoon Cake: A spoon full…

Nothing can go wrong with the 9-spoon cake. The preparation is as easy as the name suggests. We show you the recipe for the delicious cake step by step in the video.

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