9 traits in people that are good for your mental health

“You’re good for me!”
9 traits in people that are good for your mental health

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Some people are just good for us. Our author took a close look at the characteristics that cause this and what you can pay attention to when you let new people into your life.

There are people who suck us completely empty. After every phone call, after every meeting, we feel tired and exhausted. Maybe because they are always nagging, see everything negatively, only talk about problems, only tell about themselves, but neither crawl out of their holes nor want to change their mindset. They are also called energy vampires. And then there are people who do exactly the opposite with us, who strengthen us, make us grow and whose presence alone makes us feel good. That’s why we call them energy boosters because, unlike vampires, they’re really good for us and our mental health.

You can recognize energy boosters by these properties

  1. You feelcomfortable and safe near her.
  2. she respect your personal boundaries – without discussions, without belittling, humiliating or constantly harping on why, why, why.
  3. she support you in realizing your dreams instead of talking you out of them.
  4. You have to join them never dissembleto be liked.
  5. she strengthen you and show you how great you are, especially when you can’t see it yourself.
  6. You can with them grow and evolve.
  7. You feel with them seen, heard and appreciated.
  8. she want to get to know you – with all your facets.
  9. They are honest to you, even if it is uncomfortable or painful.

In good and in bad times

Nobody is perfect. We all have good times and bad times. Phases in which we need more support and phases in which we have a lot to give. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look at the people we allow into our lives and checking whether they really give us energy or just rob us of our strength. If our own resources are only being used up and we are not able to recharge our batteries, it makes sense to address things, limit contact, set limits or, if necessary, distance ourselves completely. Taking care of friends and being there for them is part of a healthy friendship, but not when one is just taking and the other is supposed to be giving. With this in mind: Take care!


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