90s quiz: try to recognize at least 5 of these 7 films!

Most movie posters are accompanied by taglines, these little phrases that should catch the eye and the attention of future viewers. Can you find which 90s films these seven sentences come from?

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The 90s brought to the history of cinema their share of films which will remain forever engraved in the Pantheon of the Seventh Art. A decade which will have both confirmed the success of certain directors already known to the general public, but which will also, of course, have given birth to new figures destined for great success.

As for already confirmed filmmakers, we could of course cite Steven Spielberg, who already had many blockbusters on his list such as Jaws, ET the Extra-Terrestrial, or even the trilogy by adventurer-archaeologist Indiana Jones, and who in the 90s will not have lost its ability to provoke strong emotions in the public with films as diverse as Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, or AI Artificial Intelligence.

In terms of revelations, the 90s made us discover the singular universe of a very young director bathed since his earliest childhood in spaghetti westerns and martial arts films. We are of course talking about Quentin Tarantino who released his first film Reservoir Dogs in 1992, and who confirmed all the hopes placed in him two years later with Pulp Fiction crowned with a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

In three films, Seven, The Game and Fight Club, director David Fincher – accompanied by his already favorite actor Brad Pitt for two of them – will also have been one of the revelations of this decade, later confirming with many other successes such as Zodiac or The Social Network.

Some of these films have also remained famous for their tagline, these little catchphrases present on their posters. Can you find which films these seven sentences belong to?

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