A 100% electric retrofit kit for the Renault 5 approved and validated by the manufacturer

R-Fit is a French company which specializes in the development of conversion kits to 100% electric for legendary vehicles such as the 2CV and the 4L. An original approach which will certainly delight nostalgic people wishing to live with the times. Please note that Retrofit is now recognized by the State with approval, conversion bonus and various bonuses. For example, an individual can receive up to €6,000 in aid.

A kit for a legendary car

The third vehicle to benefit from R-Fit’s know-how is the Renault 5, the kit having been developed in association with the brand. First of all, this solution is aimed at the 3 or 5 door models types 139 700 and 122 700. In order to determine if the R5 which sleeps in a barn at your grandparents’ house is compatible, know that the type 122 700 corresponds to the TL, Super Campus and Lauréate TL 3-door models produced between 1971 and 1984. Type 139 700 corresponds to the R5 TL and GTL 5-door manufactured between 1979 and 1984.

A complete solution

The kit includes the electric motor, which has a power equivalent to that of the original thermal engine, the battery pack for a range of 80 km, the Power Box (the electronics including the battery operating system) and the charging and power subsystem. The batteries are based on lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo) cells placed in the R5 so as to maintain a mass distribution very close to that of the original vehicle. They have a capacity of 10.7 Wh and require 3 hours 30 minutes for a complete charge with a 16 A socket. The synchronous Brushless motor develops a power of 22 kW.

A salty note

The price is however high: from €15,900 (€21,900 less the €6,000 premium), charger included. This price includes labor costs, the installation of the kit must be carried out by professionals trained and certified by R-Fit. The whole thing benefits from a 2-year warranty and all the necessary approvals to drive with complete peace of mind. As proof of the seriousness of the process, a technical diagnosis of the vehicle will be carried out before installing the kit; At the end of this, the installer may refuse to go further if he considers R5 dangerous.

The partnership is set to last, with Renault announcing the upcoming arrival of a kit for the essential Twingo. The manufacturer will exhibit a 4L and an R5 on its stand during the Epoq’Auto show in Lyon, which will open its doors in a few days.

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