A baby abandoned in a box in front of a house

In Pia, near Perpignan, a man found a baby only a few hours old in a box, on the night of Thursday July 2 to Friday July 3. The girl was taken to hospital and an investigation was launched.

Video by Juliette Le Peillet

Near Perpignan, in Pia, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, a man made a frightful discovery when he returned from the restaurant, on the night of Thursday July 3 to Friday July 4. He found an infant in a box on the doorstep, reports La Dépêche. The female baby was alive. He would have been abandoned a few hours earlier by his parent (s).

"He looked clean, healthy. The umbilical cord was well ligated. I immediately called the emergency services so that they come to recover it "Said the man, who preferred to remain anonymous. According to him, the child was placed in front of his house by chance. " It's a coincidence ", he said.

The little girl, aged less than 24 hours, was taken to the neonatology department of the Perpignan hospital center for medical examinations. She would be in good health. An investigation for "neglect of minors has been opened". No neighbor or passerby heard or saw anything, according to initial investigations. The gendarmes will also study the recordings of the city's video surveillance cameras, to try to find clues.

A shocking event

“A discovery like this is unthinkable. There are possible ways in hospitals to welcome these unhappy children ”, lamented the city’s former mayor, Michel Maffre.

It must be said that in France, it is possible to give birth under X and have your baby adopted. "Any pregnant woman can decide to give birth anonymously, that is to say under X, whether in a public or private establishment, with or without agreement", can we read on the public service website. The child is then returned to the service of Ase (child welfare). A report, mentioning the consent to the adoption and various possible information on the health of the father and / or the mother, is established.

The infant is first declared a state ward on a provisional basis, then placed in a nursery or with a foster family for a transitional period. If the parent or parents change their mind, they can recognize the child within two months. During this period, the baby is not adoptable.

If the child has already been recognized and is, for example, older, his parents can apply to the family affairs judge to request the delegation of their authority to a third party (family member, relatives, establishment approved for the collection of children or a departmental department of Ase). They can also voluntarily place the child in the Ase. In this case, they will keep their parental authority.

The neglect of minors, without going through any of these remedies, is punished in France. It is an offense punishable by seven years' imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 euros.

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