“A bicot does not swim”: police sentenced to prison for racist insults

SANCTION – Six police officers were sentenced, Thursday, January 6, to sentences ranging from six to 12 months in prison, including six months closed, by the court of Bobigny. In April 2020, they had uttered racist insults and committed violence during the arrest of an Egyptian national in L’Île-Saint-Denis.

“A bicot like that doesn’t swim.” On April 26, 2020 at around 1:30 a.m., police officers arrested an Egyptian national in Île-Saint-Denis, in Seine-Saint-Denis. He was suspected of theft of equipment on a construction site and had tried, according to police sources, to flee by throwing himself into the Seine. On the facts of theft, the case was dismissed. After taking it out of the water, one of the officers had this formula “A bicot like that, it does not swim”, according to a video captured by a local resident and broadcast by journalist Taha Bouhafs. “It’s leaking, you should have hung a ball on his foot”, could we also hear.

The Bobigny court sentenced, Thursday, January 6, six police officers to terms ranging from six to 12 months in prison, including six months closed for some, for violence and racist insults. The agent, who had used the word “bicot”, was sentenced to six months in prison. Four of his colleagues were sentenced to 12 months, including six months fixed. The Bobigny prosecutor’s office had not retained violence in its requisitions, only insults, and asked for lower penalties.

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A five-day eviction in October

Previously, two of the police officers had been suspended for eight months, a precautionary measure, before being reinstated in December 2020 at their police station. On the same date, the disciplinary council of the prefecture of police had proposed three days of exclusion. A recommendation whose weakness had been denounced by Me Arié Alimi, the lawyer of the arrested. “When there are racist remarks, if there is no dismissal, it is because the state promotes racism in the police”, he had estimated.

Finally, the Director General of the National Police Frédéric Veaux went further. In October 2021, the two police officers had been sentenced to five days of firm exclusion, accompanied by 10 days of temporary suspension of duty.

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