a big free gift not to be missed, act quickly!

FIFA 23 players can grab some great free content right now that could be a game-changer for FUT fans.

We are almost there. FIFA 23 will soon be “replaced” in some way by EA Sports FC 24, which many football fans will jump on. But this does not mean that the American firm will neglect its latest football simulation. Not everyone is going to rush into their latest project, so the studio needs to think about them too. As is often the case, fans can grab some great free content right now, which should make their FUT games even more exhilarating.

A nice free gift for FIFA 23 players

If you are one of the many fans of FUT mode, this nice gift should please you. Thanks to Amazon Prime Gaming, you can collect a new pack for FIFA 23, the twelfth offered by the online store. Its content will help you shine in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode so popular with the community. Here’s everything it contains:

  • 7 rare Gold players
  • 2 player choices 82 OVR minimum
  • 12 rare consumables
  • 2 FUTTIES HERO 96+ OVR players on loan for 20 matches

Of course, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to enjoy all of this. Note that the pack can be used regardless of the medium on which you play FIFA 23. No jealousy. On the other hand, don’t wait too long to download it either, because the offer expires on October 16. In any case, between its free games offered regularly and its great gifts like this one, the American firm knows how to seduce players.

EA Sports FC 24 will soon steal the spotlight from FIFA 23, but players aren’t expected to all migrate to the new football simulation at once on September 29. Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will have the chance to get started on September 22 thanks to early access. Please note that you can also enjoy 10 hours of play starting this Friday by subscribing to EA Play, the monthly price of which is currently less than €1 on PS5 and PS4.

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