a big lesbian march organized in Paris

It had not taken place in France for 30 years: a large lesbian march is organized on Sunday April 25, 2021 in several large cities in France. Watchword ? PMA for all!

On April 25, 2021 will take place the lesbian march for a PMA for all at the initiative of the collective Lesbian Collages. A historic event. As the Collages Lesbiens collective reminds the magazine Neon, “It has been 30 years since there was any specific mobilization on the lesbian issue, it seems important to us to seize this opportunity to defend our rights, our lives and our families.”

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What are the exact claims regarding Medically Assisted Reproduction? That of a free PMA, reimbursed for all and without conditions. That of being able to use certain methods such as ROPA, where one of the two mothers donates an oocyte, and the other carries the child. That of being able to refuse the pairing, which forces the couple to find a donor who has the same physical characteristics, especially for people of color. In the call published on Mediapart, the collective recalls that the opening of assisted reproduction to couples of women and single women has been a promise of successive governments since 2012. The appeal also proclaims that “Lesbians’ voices are totally absent in this debate on the opening of the assisted reproduction system. We, lesbians, feminists, refuse to see our rights violated and our voices reduced to silence.”

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A march of lesbians, with their allies

This march is partially single-sex. What does that mean ? That part of the procession is reserved exclusively for lesbians. Why this choice ? In Stubborn, the collective explains: “It responds to a need for lesbians to walk side by side. We do a lesbian march before being a march for the PMA. We are lesbians and we defend the PMA for all, and not the other way around.” The collective has published all the recommendations and information on their Facebook page, in order to respect health and safety constraints.

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