a big surprise awaits players at the end of the game

During an interview, Todd Howard, the mastermind behind Starfield, made a revelation that will delight players. It concerns the end of the game and what will come after.

In less than two weeks, that’s it, it’s the release of Starfield, the new RPG from Bethesda. The expectations of the community are extremely high, after all, we were sold dreams. Moreover, Todd Howard, the creator of the game, recently gave an interview in which he returned to a very specific element: what would await the players at the end of the adventure. In other words, he talked about the New Game Plus.

A New Game Plus for Starfield?

For those who are a little lost, the New Game Plus normally allows you to start the game again after finishing it. The particularity being that you can keep your equipment from the first part. Today, it is a mechanism adopted by many productions, but that does not mean that they are all concerned. Thus, we were entitled to ask the question for Starfield, all the more because of its RPG status. The answer therefore came to us from Todd Howard when he spoke to the GQ site. And good news, there will be a New Game Plus.

However, we don’t know what form it will take in Starfield. Todd remained vague on the subject and prefers to leave it to us to find out. A classic NG+ should be able to get us back to zero while recovering all of the equipment from before. Will it also be possible to transfer character level and upgrades? It’s less certain, but for now, there’s no way to find out more. We have to wait until September 6, when it will arrive on PC and Xbox Series. As for Game Pass holders, they will be able to play Starfield as soon as it is released. We can only welcome the availability of this feature, which was particularly requested at launch, especially since we had to wait a few months for recent productions such as God of War Ragnarok for example.

A bright future for Xbox

Starfield, in addition to arousing enormous interest while it is not yet with us, clearly marks the beginning of a new era for Xbox. Indeed, Jerret West, the firm’s marketing director, spoke about the RPG, praising its exclusive character. For him, this is a sign that players should be prepared to see other exclusives born at Xbox. Is he talking about The Elder Scrolls 6 in particular? In any case, it was not Redfall that demonstrated the power of this strategy.

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