a big surprise for Gamescom 2022?

What if Hideo Kojima’s new game was unveiled in a few days at Gamescom 2022? The Japanese designer seems to be gearing up for an announcement.

In June, Hideo Kojima confirmed that he had an Xbox cloud gaming project in development. A “pre-announcement” for a game that won’t arrive for several years. But the creator could return shortly with a bigger surprise.

Between two photos of the layout of the new premises of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima went back to his editing machine to produce content. On the one hand, it could just be a way for him to get back into the swing of things, as he said in another tweet. On the other, it could hide the production of a trailer for a future announcement. And the timing questions…

In a few days, on Tuesday August 23 at 8:00 p.m., the opening conference of Gamescom 2022, the Opening Night Live, will be held. Thus, it is not far-fetched to think that the Japanese creator could be present, at least remotely with a video to unveil his next game. And rumors are rife about him. At the moment, Death Stranding 2 is in a good position, especially after the Norman Reedus leak, which would make a new PS5 exclusive for Sony (with probably a delayed PC release).

The other contender is horror game Overdose… which ultimately could be the Xbox cloud gaming title, although no one is quite sure at this point. In any case, it will not be an app like The Boys, the Amazon Prime Video series, Kojima-san having abandoned this idea.

Otherwise, see you at the Game Awards 2022… (or not!)

Of course, as said above, there is perhaps nothing more than a creator who immerses himself in his editing software. In which case, there will always be the Game Awards 2022, where Hideo Kojima said he wanted to go, to hope to have something to snack on.

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