a big surprise that could change everything!

Sony wants to boost its PSVR2, the virtual reality headset of the PS5, and has made an extremely important announcement for the future. There will be change and not just a little.

The PSVR2 was launched on the market on February 22, 2023. A release awaited by virtual reality enthusiasts and which got off to a good start. Despite exclusive distribution to PlayStation Direct, at launch, and a higher price than PS VR, sales were strong in the first month. But as Sony does not officially communicate the figures, it is very difficult to follow the evolution. What is certain is that the new choice made demonstrates a desire to do better with PS VR 2.

PSVR2 loses its PS5 exclusivity this year

Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, spoke out after the release of PS5 results. The Japanese manufacturer did not achieve its objectives, and revised downwards by 4 million the number of consoles to be sold, which caused the company to plummet on the stock market with a loss of 10 billion in value. The joys of the stock market and always measured reactions! In short, the fact remains that Totoki-san has not hidden his intention to optimize the PS5 business as much as possible by visibly pushing PC releases, but not only that. PSVR2 is undergoing a huge strategy shift.

By later this year, PSVR2 will be PC compatible. “Additionally, we’re excited to announce that we’re testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access new games on PC, to offer even more variety beyond the PSVR2 titles available via PS5 . We hope to make this feature available in 2024, so stay tuned! » (via PlayStation Blog). What to boost sales of PlayStation VR 2 and revive sales to save it? To see because the competition is fierce, especially with the Meta Quest 3. But the Sony headset will have the advantage of also being usable on PS5.

Towards Half-Life Alyx compatibility on PSVR2? This would be great for some, but you still need the PC behind it to run the game. For the moment, no details have been shared, but Sony has announced new PSVR2 games.

New PSVR 2 games announced

  • The Wizards Dark Times: Brotherhood | output: available
  • Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate | release: June 27, 2024
  • Little Cities: Biggers! | release: March 12, 2024
  • Zombie Army VR | release: 2024
  • Arizona Sunshine 2 DLC | output: available
  • Soul Covenant | release: 2024

We remind you that Metro Awakening will also be available in 2024 on PSVR2, in addition to other regular releases on the PS Store. Because yes, if the headset undeniably lacks major licenses, after a fanfare start, as with the first PS4 headset, games are still put online.

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