“A blow, a caress …”: Marine Delterme victim of a narcissistic pervert, she empties her bag

Viewers are going to have to say goodbye early next year to Alice Nevers… but not at Marine Delterme, his interpreter. On the contrary: the actress will soon play Maud in the series Handling, which will be broadcast on France 2 on January 12, 2022. And this businesswoman character who falls under the spell of a man with dark intentions, she did not really have any trouble working. The script brought back very real memories to him.

Long time. Too long…

As she explains in the columns of TV Magazine, Marine Delterme has indeed been under the influence, in the past, of a narcissistic pervert. “During a very long time. Too long, she specifies. I know how you can let yourself be destroyed and locked up by someone. After a period of dazzling in which these manipulators place themselves in front of you as saviors, the time comes when they pose as victims., weeping for their fate, while entering the phase of destruction.

It can go as far as the total destruction of the other

Today, Marine Delterme is extremely happy. Mum of Gabriel, 23, whom she had with Swiss actor Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, the actress is now in a relationship with the benevolent successful director, Florian Zeller – recently awarded at the Oscars for his film The Father with Anthony Hopkins -, father of his 13-year-old second son, Roman. But she remembers, with a certain pain, the moments lived with this former companion whose name she prefers not to mention. “Their thing is a slap, a caress. It is all the more difficult to detect as they are invisible blows, she explains. As soon as they feel a breach, they rush in. It is extremely easy to manipulate someone, regardless of their condition or intellectual level. It is important to talk about it because the narcissistic pervert is very difficult to pinpoint, and can go as far as the total destruction of the other …

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