a bonus of 80 euros for its new Plan B Portfolio contract

Mon Petit Placement is celebrating the launch of its new life insurance contract, Portfolio Plan B. Until February 22, 2024, the fintech is offering a welcome bonus of 80 euros to MoneyVox readers using the code MONEYVOX80.

Mon Petit Placement has just launched a brand new multi-support life insurance called Portfolio Plan B, and to mark this event, it is offering an exceptional offer until February 22, 2024. The French fintech rewards new subscribers with a welcome bonus amounting to 80 euros. To benefit from it, simply enter the code MONEYVOX80 when subscribing.


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A brand new multi-support contract

Portfolio Plan B multi-support life insurance, developed by the French fintech Mon Petit Placement in partnership with the insurer France Mutualiste, is entirely manageable online. The euro fund, also called Plan B Portfolio, is mainly made up of recent high-yield bonds, thus ensuring stable performance regardless of market fluctuations. As such, he reported 3.70% net management fees in 2023.

Plan B Portfolio allows savers to grow their capital in complete security, with the possibility of making payments in full into the euro fund. Although this life insurance is primarily intended for cautious investors as opposed to the dynamic portfolios of Mon Petit Placement, unit-linked funds (ETFs) are also available to further diversify investments.

The contract can be opened with a first payment of 500 euros, reduced to 100 euros in the event of scheduled monthly payments. Subsequently, one-off payments from 300 euros are authorized, as are monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly payments from 100 euros. Arbitrations must be for a minimum amount of 300 euros. The maximum amount that can be invested is 300,000 euros.

When it comes to fees, the fintech does not charge any entry fees, remittance fees or arbitrage fees. The annual management fees are 0.77% for the euro fund and 0.50% for unit-linked funds.

The Plan B Portfolio in detail

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