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The government intends to fight against dropping out of school with a bonus for computer equipment, after a start to the year shaken by the pandemic, as announced by Jean-Michel Blanquer on July 27.

It’s a very special start to the school year in September. Strategies are already in place to limit the damage from the pandemic. The government has indicated its desire to have a return to school as normal as possible.

Fight school dropout

This Monday, July 27, 2020, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education and Sports announced on France Inter a potential bonus for computer equipment at the start of the school year with the aim of combating educational and social inequalities between students. "The amount of this bonus is under discussion with the unions," he explained, adding that the goal is to equip every student and every teacher. The aim is to anticipate a possible return to distance education and avoid losing schoolchildren along the way. As a reminder, more than 500,000 students dropped out of school during confinement.

However, the idea of ​​adapting school curricula to suit the pandemic was rejected. "I am very attentive to the fight against inequalities and to the rise in the general level, […] so the objective is not to lower the requirements but to smooth things out more", he declared to the morning radio microphone.

Overtime is planned in particular for young people whose level has fallen. "We are going to put the package, especially in overtime to achieve the level," he said, referring to personalized assistance systems allowing teachers to consolidate the fundamentals of students.
To do this, assessments at the beginning of the year are planned for certain classes such as CP, CE1 and sixth. Successful internships are also offered in the last week of August for CM2 students.

A real strategy of success for young people?

Between an aid plan of 6.5 billion euros, a call to promote work-study programs and learning, and today the bonus reserved for students and teachers, young people are one of the government's priorities.

"The consequences of confinement should not be to sacrifice the youth and of course this will not be the case, either through education or through employment," assured the minister.

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